and now for something

completely different (to coin a phrase)

what does this man:
oops, sorry! wrong picture. . .

this man:

and this man:
OOOPS!! sorry, wrong picture again. . .

this man:

and this woman. . .
(no, I didn't know who she was either, but here's a clue)
(a further clue being that that's a band called M People, who had a number of hits, one of which was a song called Movin' On Up, I am reliably informed)

and this man:

(and yes, no I didn't know who he was either before this Tuesday)

. . .have in common?

well, seeing as I don't strictly "do" celebrity, you'll bear with me while I try and make sense of it all - a little help?

did that help at all?
yes again: no, me neither - but it's amazing how a little internet research helps one make sense of things sometimes. . . he's a "professional dancer" and she's a "celebrity"! and they were on a tv show last year (a very popular one, apparently, but I of course didn't watch it)

so what, you may ask, is the reason for the next couple of pictures?

recognise him? anyone who watches UK tv (sorry to those of you over the pond!) will have seen the following, I'm pretty positive:

yes? thought so. . . does it make sense? no, thought not! an explanation? OK:

it's been a long time since I've written of NOBGM (Number One Best Girly Mate), but she is one of the very very few from The Village who is still in contact with me after the events of two years ago; and just recently I've been accompanying her on her latest project

now, I never mentioned it before, but she is a double amputee (train accident) (1x above knee, 1x below knee) (not very pleasant for her) (I'll spare you the details for the moment) (but suffice it to say, she is one truly amazing woman) (AMAZING) and, as such, she is a wheel chair user

the BBC, in its wisdom, is currently making a series of a weekly knock-out dance competition featuring what is a very popular past-time in the USA and Europe but has failed to make it to these shores. . . wheelchair dance

basically, you have one wheelchair user and one able-bodied person and they dance! simple (well, as you might imagine, not really - but six weeks of training later and it looks so easy. . .)

thus, on the understanding that I didn't watch Auntie Beeb's Strictly Come Dancing, I have no clue what's going on, and since I don't "do" celebrity I have no clue who any of the "celebs" are - but it made for a pretty incredible afternoon watching six couples dancing their hearts and souls out before a panel of judges (one of whom was Ade Adepitan, the Paralympian and wheelchair basket ball player shown in the last couple of images)

and NOBGM? who does she get to dance with? why, that gorgeous hunk of an Olympic swimmer - the guy in the first couple of pictures. . .

(ILTV goes off to swoon)

that's all I can say for the moment,
it's all a bit hush hush. . .



katherine. said...

oh my!

this is a new place...

Dave said...

I have no idea who any of them are, and I don't watch any television shows with the word 'celebrity' in the title, but I'm glad for you and your friend.

I, Like The View said...

katherine. it was a little bit cheeky. . . and I don't think there will be much more of that

but I couldn't resist

(I hope it doesn't make Ms Mel blush!)


Dave me neither (celebrity)(as you well know). . .

however, one is a British Olympic swimming champion - and, despite the underwear shot, a real traditional old-fashioned gentleman, according to my friend. . .

and another is a British rugby player (XCH used to call him "Chariots", which I believe is his nickname due to his surname sounding like "of Fire")(however, I don't have you down as the rugby sort, so perhaps you don't know him as a sporting hero). . .

the singer is a delightful and very down to earth woman, which proves to me that the term "celebrity" can swamp a decent person with its shallowness. . .

. . .as for my good friend, after her accident she started to play wheelchair tennis but hasn't for a while now, so this is proving an interesting and very welcome experience; one of the able bodied dancers said that he was finally seeing "beyond the chair" in terms of for the first time properly meeting disabled people

that was weird for me, because I've never really thought of my friend as "in" her chair, altho I'm very aware of her daily routines with her prosthetics and how tricky some of the most basic aspects of life that we take for granted - like getting on a bus, or going into a shop - can be for someone in a wheelchair

but, as you said earlier, tomorrow I'll be blond again


planetcity1 said...

let us know if your friend's dance in a You Tube version

Mel said...


Well, I did feel myself get a bit warm--but geeze, yaknow hotflashesandallthat--WHO knows. LOL I'm excited!
I mean REALLY excited!!!

What an awesomely wonderful thing!!!

k....I'm really, really, REALLY excited!! :-)

I, Like The View said...

planet I did google wheelchair dance when she first heard of the project, and there is some on the tube; this show is not to be broadcast until next spring, I understand, so I don't think there'll be any footage of my friend for a while. . .

Mel so, the only quesiton remains - which of those photos should I put in the side bar!! one of them would jolly it up even more

or perhaps not!

Mel said...

Ohhhhhh...I definitely like the pear and the window pictures.

Obviously, I trust your taste--and it is a new place and all that.

There's really a decision to make? LOL

I, Like The View said...

they don't really go with the theme tho, do they. . .

(yes, there's kind of a theme)(suppose I could make a new one!)

happy Sunday, Ms Mel


I, Like The View said...

(oh, and Dave, if you're still around, it did occur to me that, strictly speaking [ha ha], the word "celebrity" wasn't in the title of that BBC dancing show. . .)