let's swap gifts!!

for Christopher: from here

for Dave:
an unlimited supply of
deerishly delightful things to eat
from here

for dinah: "may the long time sun surround you
and the pure light within you
guide your way on. . ."
listen here. . .

for G:


for I,LTV:

(she needs one that stays on the floor, where it's supposed to be)
(in front of the roaring log fire, which is just out of view. . .)

from here

for katherine.:
some Ed Hardy Biker gear. . .


for KAZ:
"To the very dear and most lovely Kaz. . .

"This Christmas,
your Secret Santa has bought you a charming Spanish Villa
for your holiday and luxuriating needs.

"Of course, such a dwelling would be useless
without the requisite furnishings and appointments…

like this,
and this, and this and this

…including a wine grotto for
your adult beverage and entertaining needs.

"And speaking of entertaining,
the Villa simply MUST have a space
for those impromptu get-togethers

where music can be enjoyed and friends can gather.

"Of course, the cost of fuel being what it is,
the travel to and from would be financially prohibitive
without a quick means of ‘getting away from it all’ for a bit.

"Santa hopes you enjoy your new retreat
and that the New Year is filled
with happiness and joy and much love and smiles."

for man:
a Christmas gift
for the Renaissance man
to be found here

for Mel:
for mig:
a life time's supply of clean crockeryand a day's sailing on a little boat
under a big bridge

for Mini-Teen
a day out in California. . .

Take a trip on this: Let's begin in Malibu to see the surfers, of course! Then off to the zoo to see the giraffes...

(because your tour guide loves the giraffes!)

Snowboarding: ALL the California Kids are doing it!

and your parting gift. . .

I had so much fun! Hope you did too!

for shot:

actually, shot's is so
fantastically fab,
it gets its own post

for sorrow:
a gift for you, your kitchen
and those that dine with you. . .

for Z:

a boxed DVD set of the
complete Jacques Tati films

a case of Clos Gabriel 2006
to drink while watchin

(that's the wrong year, in the image,
but Santa and E-Elf got a little tipsy
sampling the merchandise)

for ZiggZ:

a luxury cruise, on one of these:your choice of destinations
from here. . .

now, should we try and guess who sent whom what!
or are we all exhausted? (I know I am)

oh! one final thing. . .

(no, she never knows when enough is enough, does she? Ed)
(wow - it's ages since we heard from Ed!)
I, Mini-Teen, Teen Too & The Teen
wish you and yours,
for Christmas,
or whatever you are celebrating this season,
lots and lots of this:


Rimshot said...

Love and hugs...always, dear View.

May you and your wonderful readers/contributors and even your lurkers (yes YOU!) have a glorious Christmas-time (and/or religious/non-denominations/pagan holiday of your choice).

*wipes another happy tear*

Rimshot said...

P.S. oooo, Ed Hardy! ;)

I, Like The View said...

*passes the kleenex*

yes, he gets everywhere, doesn't he. . .


Anonymous G said...

Oh, sooo lovely!

ALL of it!! What a most wonderful idea, I,ltv!

I wonder whooooo picked my prezzie because it made me catch my breath and then smile REALLY big.

(who knows that i secretly want to visit paris? how? WHO?)

Merry Christmas!!!


Dave said...


Christopher said...

Well how very kind. Thank you, whoever it was. (I have my suspicions, Mel.) And thanks for giving me one that I can grow into.

Super idea, I. Can't say say thank you enough for working so hard at this. How can you possibly find the time?


KAZ said...

Wow - my present must have been given by a millionaire.
Presumably it comes with a whole gang of servants.
Hope there's time to get there for Christmas day - I can't wait.

I, Like The View said...

KAZ I'd ask E to get back to you on that, but there is still wrapping to be sorted

Christopher the lack of mistletoe victims chez I,LTV Towers means that I have time on my hands for the more important things in life. . .

. . .like this!

E informs me that you guessed incorrectly

Dave I wonder how that tastes with tomato soup?

G must be someone who smiles like this: :-)

not me! I smile like this: (-:

glad you liked it!

I, Like The View said...

oh, and I'd like to thank whoever gave me the lovely silken many knotted carpet. . . my other one, as you know, has a tendency to keep flying away

I, Like The View said...

so one that stays put is appreciated! especially such a beautiful one. . .

. . .if it could whisper, I wonder what tales it could tell?

zIggI said...

WoW - do I have to come back tho?!
Thank You E-Elf xxx

Spadoman said...

Okay, I'm going with process of elimination instead of venturing a guess, especially since I have no clue.

But I am appreciative of this fine book. I have read it, but since it is a great reference to so many ideas, there would be great pleasure in reading it again and having my own copy.

Thank you, or as Black Elk would say:


mig said...

Oh !!!! Enough coffee mugs there even for me! I don't know who thought to save me from the endless heaps but it's a wonderful thought : )
And as for the little boat and th big bridge!!! Just wow and fabulous and straight into some of my wildest dreams.
Thank you whoever you are and thank you dear Elf.
And HAPPY CHRISTMAS every one :) (Or happy whatever other seasons and festivities you all celebrate) May they be peaceful and joyous days for one and all.

I, Like The View said...

mig that was a goodie, eh! and E done good too (Eventually)(hee hee hee)

man it's always good to have your wn copy of a wonderful book!

ZiggZ that would depend on whether you want to. . . that's the beauty of a cyber gift - it keeps on giving!

Mel said...

OMG......for me....


Every once in a while I get to pick up HIS trainbooks and look at the awesome photos (mighta noticed I like trains, huh? MUCHLY!)

One of my OWN!

How cool. Thank you Secret Santa!! And thank you E-Elf, job well done!!

Gosh...Is this where I admit I was busy watching everyone else get their prezzies that I didn't take time to enjoy mine?

Now's the time, methinks.

(((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

(((((((( E Elf )))))))))

The Merriest Christmas to you lovely ones.

*sending visions of sugarplums and warm thoughts*

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Z said...

Ooh! Perfect - how did someone know? Thank you very much, someone - and thank you too, dearest ILTV (and the splendid E-Elf) for all the loving care and thoughtfulness you've put into this.

Much love and best wishes for a very happy Christmas

dinahmow said...

Thankyou, secret gift-giver.

Mini-Teen said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! i love it i love it i love it i love it so much!
who could it be...
i hope the offer is extended in the virtual world (sooooo over-rated) as i have never gone snowboarding and can only barely just stand up for hardly a couple of seconds on a surf board
well, i am in love with my cyber-santa and im sure that i'll be joining in next year (if this becomes an annual thing... *hint, hint*). never did i know that a christmas tree could hold a giraffe, let alone a plane... well, they do say that space lasts forever... cyber space the same? anyway...
and the e elf...
and mum
and all my virtual friends

have a very happy midwinter festival
and a merry new year!

loads of love (ESPECALLY doubly infintitively to cyber-santa), Mini-Teen xxx(cyber-santa: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx)

Mel said...

Ohmy....I just had a wander through Kaz's wonderful home......holy moly....

And as for Mini-Teen's--Ya suppose she'd let me borrow the kitty mmmmrawr pin? :-)
I'd give it back, honest!

Can I thank my Secret Santa one more time?
And you--and the Mini-Teen for being the hostestes with the mostestes!!

Sorrow said...

Yeah! Yippeee!!
The next time the Teen tells me we don't have a pot to piss in, I can say "OH YES WE DO!!!!"
Still smiling from ear to ear!
This was wonderful fun my dear! Thank you thank you and a big old hug to the elf!!!

Anonymous G said...

Happy Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays to all! ♥

What a special treat this Secret Santa has been!

I love my present very much. I saved it so I can enjoy it all year 'round.


I can see that mini-teen was very excited and pleased with her gift!!
Oh, to be a mini-teen. What a great girl she is!

G, I wonder who her Secret Santa could be? G whiz! Maybe a certain someone who lives in California?
G, who could that be? Perhaps mini-teen could ask her mum which one of us lives in California?!

love, hugs & all good wishes!