the flu of swine

or in this house, The Teen fever? tick; dry cough? tick; upset stomach? tick; headache? tick; tiredness? tick; chills? tick; aching muscles? tick; limb and/or joint pain? tick; diarrhoea or stomach upset? tick; sore throat? tick; runny nose? no!; sneezing? no!; loss of appetite? tick
poor chap

(I'm left wondering who's next)


Dave said...

Hope you washed your fingers before typing this. I don't want to catch it.

Dave said...

Would you normally make him lie on a water bed? I wondered why a dry couch was a symptom?

I, Like The View said...

I'll just call you Ed., shall I!

I have been sneezing and I feel tired and I ache (but I often feel tired and achey, so I'm dismissing that) - I think I'd rather catch it now and potentially build up a little immunity, than in the autumn when it's potentially changed into something nastier

everything is being washed wiped and disinfected this end, as appropriate and as per all the health advice received by the household (three different health authorities, two different educational boroughs - funnily enough, we haven't had the government's leaflet)

The Teen helpfully spluttered all over his brother, but Teen Too seems to be resilient

so far

Dave said...

I've got a really bad sore throat, and feel achey and lethargic. I assumed I was tired, after an exciting week last week, and had hay fever. perhaps I've got flu too.

I, Like The View said...

the fever doesn't seem to be as bad as that of regular winter flu (or the Noro Virus, which I've had before and is crippling) - but the lethargy, aches and the cough aren't great

I won't mention the upset stomach

Spadoman said...

Sending healing stuff your way.

Dave said...

Is there some reason why you didn't feel able to comment on me looking happy yesterday? I only ask, because you usually do have something to say to bring a smile to my lips - perhaps you didn't think I needed it yesterday.

Believe me, I did.

Mel said...

Oh dear.
OH dear!

*sending healing thoughts and disinfectant* I suspect both are needed.

Wash hands, wash hands, wash hands--drink lots! *sigh* Hopefully the rest will escape the bug!

*sending more healing thoughts*
Poor thing(s).

Mel said...

((((((( Dave ))))))))))

(cuz I can, dontchaknow!) :-)

zIggI said...

sounds like a hangover to me!

Dave said...

No, ILTV, it was Tuesday's post i was talking about.

I, Like The View said...

ok, back in a tick

Mel said...

I'll hope the teen is feeling better and that you're holdin' your own.


I, Like The View said...

I hope you're happy now Dave

really, I do

and if not, you will be again soon


oooh! Mel!! you popped in!!! he's still coughing and spluttering, and the other two are showing signs and symptoms. . . argh

it's the chicken pox saga all over again - you know: one down, two to go. . .

ZigZ the obvious reply to that is "I wouldn't know" !!

S-man thanks

Dave said...

;-) ta.

I, Like The View said...

my pleasure


Mel said...

Ughhhhh....well, one can hope that it's 'get it, get it done with'.

And that it skips you, of course.
(what're the odds of that one....LOL)

Stay well!!
*sending get well thoughts to the youngsters*

mig said...

Oh I do hope it passes quickly. They say it only lasts about a week normally which is hopeful?
And I do hope you don't get it.
Would you like some borage tea? I think Sorrow said it was good for arthritis and that's got achey joints hasn't it.

Mel said...

I do hope he's feeling better and the disinfectant is doing it's thing.

I can hope!

katherine. said...

I read it is sweeping thru the UK

hope you are all getting well.