happy 4th July!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the pinwheels :)

zIggI said...

I think it was a mistake letting them win - look what's happened to the world, I think we should take it back.

Mel said...


Oddly enough, that's what himself proclaimed most of the day--and called us colonials.
Yeah-LET us win, he says.

I say poor choice--ya'll coulda had New Mexico and Arizona! ;-)

Oh, but it was a day of 'firsts'--first barbeque, first parade, first 4th at Nana's--and first fireworks!
Yup--she loved 'em!! :-)

Thank you for the pinwheels--and for the 4th of July.

Mel said...

<-- likes fireworks

<-- does not like fireworks at 1am

mig said...

Oh pinwheels are such fun :)
We did a gig for the Newbury Twin Towns association (Lots of european twins there from at least five towns)
So we did two american tune sets just to add to the inter-country celebrations for the 4th.
Mel, I agree, fireworks are great when kept firmly in the right place and time.

katherine. said...

I am mesmerized by pinwheels.

colonials? laughing...