can't think straight, can't sit up for long enough periods of time to be useful to anyone, headache, runny nose, dry cough, aching bones (more aching than usual), exhausted, confused, fed up with being sick, it's not as bad as when I had that flu last autumn and had a temperature of 103 but it's worse because because I don't have the temperature I'm not delirious and therefore am aware of how sick I feel, wondering whether I have an underlying condition. . .

. . .well, obviously I do (I'm me! can't get more conditioned than that)

you'll all get it eventually - we're just dominoes as far as this virus is concerned; personally, I think it's better to get it now (before it's mutated). . . so long as you don't have any underlying conditions that is. . .
and, talking of dominoes (well, we were, weren't we?):

this is kind of fun! ok, so it gets a little repetitive after a while* - I mean, if you've seen one fall over, you've seen them all, eh
(*can't vouch for the sound - I didn't have the sound on when I listened)


Anonymous said...

so sorry the flu has hit you too...it's tough to care for others when you're down also

<--- sending healing thoughts

i'm one of those with an underlying condition, so i am
not looking forward to getting this (or any other) strain of flu

I, Like The View said...

as soon as I wrote that I realised how callous and selfish it was

I'm so sorry, planet

I suffer from depression and I think that I've been feeling worse this last week because of the flu - but I'm trying to "think positive" (altho I have been quite down, as you say)

my heart goes out to people already suffering who might be worrying about catching this. . .

. . .thank you for the healing - I'll send strengthening thoughts back in your direction


Mel said...

(((((((( ILTV )))))))))

Not fun.
The flu..dominoes are good fun actually.

You poor thing.

Lots of fluids, stay warm--and rest.

I was afraid it'd found you.


starbender said...

oh, I hate the flu... so sorry u'r down with it. hope u feel better soon.

...I love strawberries & sugar; also the bottles vinegar comes in.

Mel said...

*sending healing thoughts*

Yup--feeling bad for ya.

Mel said...

Oh, I hope the kiddos are looking after you and bringing you good things to drink....or at the very least, fluffing your pillow. ;-)

I, Like The View said...

if only. . .


at four o'clock on Friday afternoon, when I'd already cancelled my plans for the day as I was still feeling rather rubbish, I found out that XCH had spent the previous 36 hours in the office without remembering to organise Mini-Teen's b'day party for Saturday. . .

. . .so I pulled myself together and organised a spa day (chez moi) for her and her invitees

I was the salon slave and was beauty therapist to her invited "clients" - they had mud masks with cucumber slices on the eyes, a calming CD with visualisations to aid relaxation, foot baths and foot massages, nail-painting, hair glittering, frozen smoothy ice-lollies, fresh fruit juicing, healthy treats to eat ("thanks goodness it's not more pizza" said one of Mini-Teen's girly friends, "I'm so fed up with pizza")(these children don't know they're born!) and of course birthday cake and singing. . .

by the time they'd all left I could barely move

but Mini-Teen (soon to be twelve) went back to her father's one very happy little young lady

and he texted me a big thanks for sorting it all out


then, when I was having a much needed sleep-in this morning, I heard squeaks and yelps from under my bed. . .

the cat has been pregnant for ages and has recently been scouting out a suitable birthing place in the house, so we knew it was imminent; I was under strict instructions to alert Nancy (Mini-Teen) to the kittens' arrival - so she came straight over and we found the cat in the wardrobe and I had to stand vigil with her (Nancy) whilst the cat gave birth, during the course of the afternoon, to four kittens

so I'm still fairly tired, but actually don't feel so much like I have the flu anymore!

I, Like The View said...

(and - more importantly - Nancy's happiness at the success of her party and the arrival of the kittens has made me smile for the small things in life)

Mel said...

Well then--at least you weren't bored? LOL
And there was cake and singing!!

What a hit it must have been for the nearly 12 yr. old.
Geeze, they grow up fast, huh.
I meant the party, of course.
And the kittens.....all four of 'em.
In the wardrobe, eh?

IN the wardrobe?
Whatever happened to mama cats having their babies in a box strategically placed in a quiet spot by their humans.... Oh wait--we're talking a cat. They probably only do that in the movies. LOL

Congratulations to the cat.
And a joyous, happy, glorious birthday to the Mini-Teen!! Sooooo close to a full fledged teen-scary.....LOL

katherine. said...


and a spa day....perfect!

I, Like The View said...

a box for the kittens. . .

. . .there was one Mel!!

so, after the wardrobe incident, we moved the box into the wardrobe and let her get on with it. . .

. . .next morning, she'd moved them all to a different spot in the wardrobe!!


katherine. it was a lovely weekend! (-: