I ♥ Polzeath #5

if I had a spare £2 million (yes, unbelievable eh) I'd buy one of these 1930s bungalows, built on the north cliff overlooking the bay, with a large front garden and a little door at the end onto the cliff path. . .
. . . but I don't (I know, how did that happen?): so I will just be content as the passer-by, complete with mobile phone with supa-dupa integrated camera with which I can snap things that fascinate me

such as walls
walls made of slate
slate with lichen growing on it
and I shall just wander along admiring the beauty of nature that doesn't come attached with a price tag
ah, lichen! *happy sigh*
(and sometimes I'll be rather annoyed at my shaky hand,
that causes mobile camera phone photos to be out of focus)

and then I shall find myself a little tucked away place, with a seat
from which I can admire the view:(and later, much much later - was it really ten days ago now? - I shall revisit those memories and share them with my friends)


Anonymous said...

Oh! I am so pleased that you share these things. And that I am one of the friends with whom you share. Them.
(The grammar for Dave. And Vicus.)

I, Like The View said...

'tis true: you are!

(Dave and Vicus aren't here, so we'll not worry about the grammar, eh)

I, Like The View said...

oh, and I'm blessed that you are!!

Dave said...

When I'm a multi-millionnaire I shall buy all my friends the houses of their dreams.

I, Like The View said...

dear Dave - I'd be just as happy with a tent on the cliff. . .

. . .no, actually a VW Splittie (and the rest can go to the RNLI)


but thank you for your kind thought!

Mel said...

*happy sigh*
I'm feeling really fortunate to get a glimpse of your holiday and the special places and sights.

Oh, what awesome walls with the lichen smiling and swirling and decorating the rocks with a life of their own.
Absolutely nifty keeno! (there..let Dave and Vicus have at that one..LOL)

Makes me wanna park myself on the bench, sip my coffee and just BE.

Thank you for having such a super dooper camera phone!

katherine. said...

happy sigh

I'd like to sit with you and mel and sip coffee...

I, Like The View said...

I'd like to be sitting with the both of you, looking at views and siping coffee


mig said...

I'm going to sip coffee and look at the views from here. And be impressed hugely by what you can do with a mobile phone. (when I think what I've seen other people do with mobile phones I'm even more impressed!)