why did the coral blush

because the sea weed
I know, oldest joke in the book - but still a good one (?!)
it's surprisingly difficult to find out about seaweed (or else I'm just looking in the wrong places)
I found this, from here, which would have been helpful if it hadn't been out of print. . .
I think I need to do a little more research and come back to this one


katherine. said...

did you take these ?

if so they are WONDERFUL

well...even if you didn't they are still wonderful...especially the second one...with the waves in the background

but if you did...wow.

I, Like The View said...

I wish I had katherine. ! the one time I took my camera to the beach on a sunny day, it turned out the battery had gone flat

took some with my phone, but I'm not sure how they'll turn out

I was planning to bring a whole load of seaweed back with me, but the children said it was too smelly. . .

. . .I have a few pieces tho

(searched high and low on google images for just the right photos - they are great, aren't they!)

mig said...

They're brilliant. That last one looks like a washed up sandal :)

Children have such delicate noses, especially where parents treasures are concerned. I recommend clothes pegs.

Mel said...

*laughing* Good for you, sneaking some anyway!

I have a couple dried pieces from the ocean. They didn't smell any worse than the bazillion wee little clammy guys I thought would be good to drag home....yaknow, the ones with the wee little crammy guys inside that I had NO clue about.

Now THAT--smelled.

I, Like The View said...

Mel I'm currently rehydrating it and sorting it into more pleasing shapes in which to dry. . .

. . .apart from the pieces that are already in pleasing shapes!

I was always taught to check that shells were empty before pocketing them - and now I understand that a lot of beaches have a "take only photos, leave only footprints" rule which probhibits the removal of pockets full of finds. . . Polzeath is not one of those beaches (luckily!)

Nancy (Mini-Teen)(now 12) asked her dive instructor if she could bring me home a tiny urchin shell from her trip with her father to Belize (one of the "TOP, LOF" locations) - and he said it was ok, so she proudly gave it to me to add to my selection* from Mauritius

(*I must take a photo of that, actually - I have them in colour order in a tall flat glass: green on the bottom, white in the middle and pink on top. . .)

Mig I think I'll put on the peg whilst contemplating Mel's clams!

katherine. said...

wondering if Mel's clammy guys left their shells...cause if not...I'd like a clothes pin as well please.

(very cool that your daughter is helping with the collection!)