<----- feeling smug!

. . .I've just decorated one of the rooms that needed decorating! I just thought you ought to know that. . .


dinahmow said...

Well done! (But now I think you should go and get yer 'air cut!)

katherine. said...

and I bet you love it...don't you?

Vicus Scurra said...

You will make someone a very valued husband.

Rimshot said...

well done!

Mel said...


Well done!!

<-- will accept photos as well as descriptions of the decorating extravaganza.

*waiting happily*

Ohhhhhhhh......wonder if you used some of those cool wall thingies you were showing off a while back.......hmmmmmmm

Anonymous G said...

I hope this doesn't sound too forward, but...

Won't you PLEASE come and decorate one of MY rooms?

not really.


You must feel SO good about yourself! And your newly redecorated room!


I, Like The View said...


the most boring post in the world and you all check in!

dinah surely you haven't forgotten the Dulux dog?!

katherine. erm, it was the children's shower room. . . they weren't impressed (kids, eh)

Vicus that's a can of worms, isn't it? let's just say, I doubt it

shot thanks - it was about time I pulled my finger out

Mel save the excitement for the next project!

(<---- has more cool wall thingies!!)

G I did indeed have a small sense of satisfaction!


ok, that's enough exclamation marks for one day

Mel said...

Excuse me--but in this house, the showerroom meant seashells and seagulls and fishies and fishing nets.

It's also where himself and I discovered that he doesn't drip paint when he paints.....and I wear it, happily--and where he decided the two of us shouldn't paint in the same room ever again...LOL

I, Like The View said...


if it were my shower room, that just about hits the spot. . .

. . .but actually that lot's in the kitchen! the POVSs just wanted white paint (altho I did buy some shiny bathroom accessories. . .)

as for the paint dripping - the landing floor now looks a little like that Richard Long t-shirt

and yes! I even used a floor cloth

how did that happen?


very glad you're feeling a little better today


I, Like The View said...

(my bathroom has the "Zen Stones" stickers from here to go with my orchid plant!)(actually, now I've looked at that lot, I might just have to get some rubber ducks for the POVSs bathroom. . .)(*winks*)(and you might have to get the pumpkins!!)

Mel said...

OH!! :-)

I'm gonna haffta research now. Are they reuseable--can I decorate for seasons? DUCKIES--more for the big people's bathroom here!! Whoaaa....

Yaknow--Himself will be so pleased to see no decorations have happened before today.
Well......k...'cept for cups and coloring books and Studley in the basement....

And a few odds and ends here and there....

LOL Yes, I'm hopeless.....LOL

I, Like The View said...

not hopeless. . . full of hope

(I've never had much luck peeling them off, mainly because I always stick them on before the paint's dried properly. . . go figure!)

mig said...