something else I found

(cartographic quilts)

you know how it is, you look for something and find something else that interests you, so you wander about for a little, www window shopping so to speak. . .
the weird thing is, I always thought about doing that (up arrow), only I would have done fields and rivers and streams. . .

(altho perhaps a flooded stream/river
would be better made with
shards of mirror and stained glass and mosaic tiles?)

. . .just like I've always thought of doing that with the robe of the guy in Klimt's Kiss. . .
and I guess that's the thing about art - one needs to put one's thoughts and ideas into something tangible or visual or textual or audible (or floral, say, if you're a flower arranger), as opposed to just thinking them (the thoughts)

like this man has done - you might not think it's "art", but at least he did something with his ideas

anyhow, while I was window shopping, I found this:
noone could quibble about the beauty of that, could they


Sorrow said...

Now here's a thing I stumbled over reading this ..
a Klimt's Kiss Quilt. now say that 5 times fast.


I, Like The View said...

oh - that one really twists your tongue into knots, eh!



KAZ said...

The top two especially are marvellous - a bit Kandinsky?
'One needs to put one's thoughts and ideas into something tangible or visual or textual' - so true - but there's so many ideas and so little time.
No excuse I know. I'd love to create rather than just look.

I, Like The View said...

it's a problem, isn't it - the so many ideas so little time issue

one I suffer from!

Kandinsky? yes, Composition X maybe. . .

I'd forgotten how much I liked Wassily - thank you for the reminder

Mel said...

Gonna try sayin' that without coughing....or falling down.

*happy sigh*
It's just all too pretty to look at, dangit......

I, Like The View said...

I'm going to make you a hot lemon and honey drink, Ms Mel



Mel said...

ty.....very much.

I, Like The View said...

would anything else help?