this is a piece that I saw a couple of years ago at a wonderful exhibition - by the British artist Rachel Whiteread; when I was at the Tate last week I picked up a postcard of hers. . .-
I love the white forms that she has cast to show the occupying spaces that we might otherwise ignore when looking at a container or box - sometimes even if one can see nothing inside something, it doesn't mean that the visual "emptiness" is a meta-phorical "nothing", does it?

while I was finding the images above, I came across this (up arrow) which I think is simply wonderful - if only I hadn't thrown away all my doll's house furniture when I threw away the doll's house, I could have made one of those


dinahmow said...

Oh! I remember when you posted about the "village" and I was so intrigued I spent ages wandering through cyber space looking for similar things.I wish I was not so inept at paper engineering!

Mel said...

Oh it's a GREAT board!
And since himself has wee things.... k.....they're TOO wee for a checkerboard, dangit.

Yeah, well......LOL......probably wouldn't be the same trying to make one from tank track links and wee bity gasoline cans.....LOL

I remember the village as well.
You get to see some of the most magnificent things--you do know that, don't you?

Dave said...

Good morning.

I, Like The View said...

good afternoon, Dave

Mel I see some wonderful stuff, I do know that! I think that the chess set or a draughts set (chequers) could be made from all sort of things. . . Noah's Ark animals, pairs of Barbie shoes/handbags, old lip stick containers and nail polish bottles. . .

as always, the question is how to sell one's creations for a sum reasonable enough to justify the time spent (and parting with one's favourite things) (sadly, I've also thrown out all of Mini-Teen's old Barbie dolls)

(you could always make a mini-teeny-tiny set with Himself's odds and ends!)

dinah glad you found it interesting! have you ever seen this gal's work?

mig said...

Oh the Village! One of the best things I've ever seen :)
I love the board - absolutely enchanting. And so wonderfully sideways looking :)
(as in lateral rather than lopsided)