one, two, three, four

five, six, seven. . .
no, I'm not counting down to my trip (cos if I was doing that, I'd be chanting "seven, six, five, four, three. . .") and I'm not waiting for the next phone call from a school (two down, one to go!)

I'm just thinking how time flies, it's quite precious really, and sometimes it is important to be aware of every moment (but not necessarily waste it by counting - perhaps I shall get on with my day)

wouldn't you agree?
(with the preciousness of time
not my need to get on with my day)


dinahmow said...

Saw this graffitti on a wall...
Time wastes our bodies and our wits. But we waste time
So we are quits!
How are the munchkins?

Vicus Scurra said...

Sometimes I want to murder time,
Sometimes when my heart's aching,
But mostly I just stroll along,
The path that he is taking.

Points will be awarded for recognising the quote. (No cheating!)
And what to points make?

I, Like The View said...

Vicus a man after my own heart indeed

it's a song for October!

how about this? (I used to work for a man who was in band with the Mandolinquents. . . but that's a whole other story)

erm, I don't know - what do points make. . .

dinah great grafitti! People Of Various Sizes all at school, where they belong (and hopefully gaining some kind of education along the way)

Mel said...

Well, YEAH that they're all in school.
And I'm certainly glad you answered Vicus.....I'da cheated-- and told on myself, of course.

I don't think I can avoid wasted time. (Ohhhhhh.....Don Henley! I'll be humming it.....must be an Eagles kinda morning...LOL)

mig said...

It's precious alright and I mislaid a whole lot of it this morning. I'm glad you're keeping track :)

(Lovely to hear the Mandolinquents :)

I, Like The View said...

mig that's easily done XXX (they are great, aren't they)

Mel once one of those Eagles toons is in my head, the rest just turn up!! (cheat? moi!)