packing: an essential part of every trip

I don't think this is overdoing it, do you?
only kidding! this is more like it:and whilst I wish my luggage were covered with labels likes these. . .. . .the following are actually more like it:


dinahmow said...

Ooh! When do you go? Will you be here for the next few days to play in my little blog contest?
(Oh, yes...I've been singing "that song" since you posted about it."travel my on the highway that's the best..."

Have a truly bon voyage et vacances, kiddo.

I, Like The View said...

this time tomorrow I will be checking in! (if I haven't managed to do it online today, that is)

Dave said...

Is there room in your case for a stowaway?

I, Like The View said...

didn't think bright lights and big cities were your kind of thing? actually, I might be needing a driver when I'm there. . . but can I afford to leave out my shoe collection

tough call!

Mel said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you and for her!!!!!

Love the suitcases and the tags--every single darn one of 'em.

Ohhhh...California here I come....*humming* many tunes, so little time. *laughing*

katherine. said...

those tags are great fun!

enjoy your trip. travel safe.
take thousands of pictures!

we'll miss you

mig said...

oh how did I miss this?
I love those labels. I hope you've taken enough cases. Most of all I hope it's a great trip. xxx