there's only one thing* on my mind right now:
where in the world can I get a decent cup of coffee?
*I'm giving you the simple version. . . how many things are on my mind? how many beans make a handful. . .

anything on your mind?


Spadoman said...

We gotta talk. My best friend owns a coffee shop and has a well seasoned Probat roaster. I'll give you more information soon. Right now, I am drinking a cup of Smokey Double Cark. A blend of Indonesian Java and Coasta Rican Italian roasted and smoked for a moment at the finish. A delightful full bodied flavor and aroma with no bitterness and low acid.


I, Like The View said...

sounds delish!

Rimshot said...

My son is a barista and he makes a fabulous cup of coffee.

I, Like The View said...

if I were really really spoiled, I think I'd like a personal barista


Mel said...

Himself makes a wicked cuppa pressed coffee.
I, on the other hand......try?

You do realize that I think a good cuppa coffee means the spoon is standing at attention, right?

What's on my mind?

How long am I gonna haffta deal with crappy Thursday mornings that now are seeming to bleed into crappy Thursday afternoons?!

<-- mildly kvetching about that one in my head, dontchaknow....

Rimshot said...

are you accepting applications? I'll be your barista

I, Like The View said...

shot when I'm in the position to remunerate you, I'll ask for your CV


Mel still with the fuzzy Thursdays?


hope you're picking up this morning


Mel said...

Yup. Definitely picking up!

*checks clock*

*shaking head*
Someone'll have to be picking me up come noon today. LOL

mig said...

The West Cornwall Pasty shop. (or whatever they're called). Lovely cuppa coffee.

Goodness Mel, you're getting up round about the time I go to bed :)