and now for something completely different


Dave said...

Your postcard has just arrived. Many thanks.

I, Like The View said...

my pleasure

we received two today, which considering I sent all three children two each isn't a bad percentage I suppose

they were all posted in the same box at the same time, but I suppose have became separated en route

glad you got yours tho


katherine. said...

smile....usually I get my postcard LAST...being so far away and all.

this time I got mine first!

not that I am bragging or anything...

Z said...

Mine arrived today too - thank you very much indeed XXX

Vicus Scurra said...

Dave said "your" Z and Katherine said "mine".
I know the postcard that arrived today is not theirs, it was from you to me, but is it yours or mine? I am very confused.
I am also highly honoured and amused.
love and peace

katherine. said...

while it isn't ALL about me Me ME...

the postcard is in my hands...I think of it as mine...a gift to me no less.

possessive bitch that I am.


Mel said...

Ummmmm....I got A postcard last week.

Zat work? LOLOL

I, Like The View said...

dear people, you lovely people you

you know how much I value you all. . .

. . .however, this time, despite previous attempts at breaking world records for number of postcards sent on a holiday, I only sent you one (1) postcard each. . .

. . .so if you receive no more from your snailmailman, that'll be why

of course, if you receive another, all I can say is that it wasn't from me

with much love to you all


Mel said...


I was trying to avoid the 'your' 'mine' dilema by making it 'A'.
I did receive a second postcard when THE other one arrived. It was a friendly reminder that the Brit had a dentist appointment.
*laughing* Wasn't NEAR as fun as the RAD one I received!
He, by the way, wanted to trade postcards.....LOL

No thank you! ;-)