come and join me for elevenses @ LA's

Design Cafe. . .
I'm taking' orders, folks - whatcha'll havin'?


Vicus Scurra said...

A medium decaff. mocha with soya milk please, and none of the extra sugary bits.
Thank you.
Shall I wait up?

Sorrow said...

A shot of Jamesons and a Guiness
thank you very much.
Oh and if your serving any world peace, can I have a HUGE helping of that?

Dave said...

A small glass of Lucozade please. And a warm rug.

I, Like The View said...

I'm here now VIcus. . .

or did you give up on my waiting?

Sorrow crikey! coming right up. . .

Dave warm lucozade and a hug?

Mel said...

G'morning ma'am., black please.

Is there a menu I can have a look at? I wanna drool over all those things I cannot have.

And are there color books for the wee things?
Could I talk you into one of 'em so I can scribble and doodle while the other's chatter on, please?

No need for crayons--I come with my own colored pencils.
Thank you so much!

Spadoman said...

A small dopio Americano, room at the top please.

Can I get that in a "for here" cup? I'd like to sit around a while and soak up this beautiful atmosphere.


zIggI said...

skinny latte please whatever that is.

My carte de poste arrived yesterday



dinahmow said...

Um...I think I might be already over-caffeinated...perhaps a glass of cold bubbly? Or a pint at that pub in Putney!

I, Like The View said...

dinah that's sounds delicious. . .(which one?)

ZiggZ my pleasure! (on both counts)

man what's the room at the top for? glad you like hanging about, your company is more than welcome

Mel those are the best bits of a trip to an eatery, don't you think - the packet of crayons and the colouring/puzzle books

Rimshot said...

I don't know what 'elevenses' is, but I'll have a piping hot earl grey with a bit of lemon, please. And a large box of tissues and some cough lozenges.

Spadoman said...

I, LTV.... Room at the top is so the barista doesn't add too much water and compromise the coffee flavor. I like equal amounts of espresso and water, but it is too hard to explain to 16 year old coffee shop cash register operators and hard to find a real barista, or someone that will listen to an old fat guy when he orders) in my local area.


I, Like The View said...

man I need to introduce you to shot's son. . .

thanks for the explanation - I like a double shot and all the room at the top filled up with steamed milk (you know, the wayb a good barrista rolls the milk under the steamer? like that!)

shot aw honey, are you down with the flu?

hugs - many, and big ones

drinks lots of liquids and take lots of headache meds and stay nice and warm and tucked up - on the other hand, go round to Mama Shot's and get her to look after you!