(one of my favourite postcard books).

(you know, those little pocket sized books made of postcards, from which you are - in theory - supposed to choose a card and send it to someone. . . I always have to buy two copies of such books, one to split up and send to people and one to keep for myself) (of course, it turns out that you can now buy posters of the postcards. . . but funds are limited at I,LTV Towers. . . so I'll just be sharing the link with you if that's ok)
I wouldn't mind a poster of this one tho - it's kind of a visual for blogging, methinks


have a good day,
you lovely people you


mig said...

Oh what a brilliant link. I could happily buy postcard books of all those and collaborate / blogging one is perfect :)

Mel said...


I'll now attempt the "press down on your right nostril, breathe through your left" advice.

Maybe if that helps me focus I can cut down on coffee drinking!

*laughing* FAT chance!!

Spadoman said...

Thank you. I hope your day, and everyday, is a good one as well.


Donn said...

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it was a very cool program

dinahmow said...

That poster looks a bit like my brain's present state!