fun with fonts

well, I think it's fun. . .

that reads I, Like The View - in a font called Victoria Park. . .
try it for yourself here!

that one's called Liza. . .
dolce far niente in We Love Nature. . .

(I've forgotten which font that was,
but I love the build up of almost scribbly lines under the words)

and I really really like this:

a big thumbs up to Planet
for sending me the link*
(she is very thoughtful and remembered
how much I love typeface and fonts!)
*I'll forward it to anyone who's interested

it reminded me of when I found the Coca Cola font back in the day. . .


dinahmow said...

Of course they're fun! And I think I might already have sent you this

Mel said...

Okay.....they're way cool!

<-- now going to play!


(needs a bit of playtime, dontchaknow!)

Sorrow said...

some day
I will figure out how you do this
but until then
way COOL!

I, Like The View said...

dinah I think you did, and I think I found it interesting! thanks

Mel I could have played for hours. . . in fact, I think I did

Sorrow click on one of the links, and then tick the "insert your own text" box and away you go!!!!

mig said...

Brilliant. I love the flower ones.