I have no idea what the title of this should be

there was a time in my life when that would have been an issue

when I was paid to write

columns, inches, sensbile stuff (properly spell-checked) that made sense (yeah, I know - wouldn't know it was me, eh), with all the proper punctuation (unbelievable, but true)

of course, having left university with an honours degree in science it was a small miracle that I ended up with a career in my first love - writing

and a rather wonderful miracle given that my career gave me masses of exposure to (deep breath of awe) "designers" and even, everynowandagain, "artists" (art and design, my second love)

I used to wish I was one of them. . .

. . .I guess the bookbinding kinda fulfilled an aspect of that - oooooh! oooooh! it's been ages since we've had a look at Elizabeth David, shall we take a peak?
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. . . . and, in the British Library. . .

and remember how it started out?!

I went past the bookbinding studio on a bus today; I also went past Betty Elborn's bench, by The Pond; I went past the end of The Road that has The River at the other end - and, do you know what, it was fine

I mean, I was fine

which brings me back to where I started:

going back to work, as a writer (with exposure to designers and artists)

I don't know if I could do it
I mean, I'd have to start by remembering how (and when) to punctuate. . .


. . .on the other hand, that science degree - four years at uni gained me not only a BSc (Hons) but also a licence to practise as a speech and language therapist

. . .so, lovely people, that's my dilemma - resume my professional career (with exposure to designers and artists) or pick up where I left off with the NHS (no exposure to designers and artists)

actually, it's always at this point that one or more of the children suddenly need/s me and I thank my lucky stars that I'm not at work. . . it's also during these moments of contemplation that I wish I'd pursued my PhD and gone off to work for GCHQ (boy oh boy that would have been a fascinating career)

(no exposure to designers and artists)


mig said...

Oh the wonderful book bindings. I so enjoyed them.
Do both :)
Actually, my Sister in Law decided when she left Uni to work as a journalist for ten years and then move on to Dance. She did it too.
And now she's a writer. (A handful of Earth)

Christopher said...

That must be an Enigma wheel, surely? I'm not certain that GCHQ would have suited you: aren't you too much of a visionary?

I, Like The View said...

ah, Christopher, my PhD was to have been in speech synthesis and speech anaylsis - the department where I researched my fourth year thesis was a forerunner, back in the early 80s (and also in cochlear implants, but that's another story entirely) of what is now all too commonplace, but twas greatly sought after back then by all manner of employers

it was my mother's desire for perfection in all things that led me to produce the best synthesised speech (because I'd produced the best speech anaylsis ever in the department) ever in the department

funnily enough, that desire for perfection has led to many - *ahem* - hiccups in my life, but it would have served me well there; visions are a private, and often unrewarded but privately, occupation

hence blogging - sometimes the most private, and often unrewarded but privately, occupation

and sometimes not! ( neither private nor unrewarded)

mig sometimes I really really wish that I hadn't given that book away! (or deleted the original "I Like The View" with all the images)

we live and learn, eh

and sometimes what we learn has us change course part way thru - perhaps I'll settle for Speech and Language Therapy after all!

Mel said...

Gosh....why not look in both and see what avails itself to you?


<-- English Major

I didn't intend to be where I am, doing what I'm doing.
Yet...I'm right where I'm suppose to be.

katherine. said...


Sorrow said...

A wordsmith!
with proper dots and dashes...
like trying to stand in an arena full of insecurities waiting to see which naked person realizes first we are all wearing the emperors newest fashion.