I know it's only mid-November

and I HATE myself for this, but
I'm doing a little xmas perusing. . . (the nest-egg hatched and flew away, so there's no more money in the bank, you know how quickly it disappears, but a little bit of world wide window shopping never hurt anyone!)
I'm here looking at this:
and I was here looking at this:
and next I'm going here to see what I can find. . . because I rather like these

(and whereeverelse would you find
peacock crackers?!)

and then I might mosey on down here: for a look at these (Mel. . . how many days to go?)(and I thought Vicus and Dave might like these)

anyhow, I had a thought. . .
how about we have
a virtual secret santa!
any takers?


Vicus Scurra said...

You are being very silly indeed.

Dave said...

Whilst I have no objection to nipples, I don't like coffee.

I, Like The View said...

yeah. . .

fine. . .

noted. . .

but are you both in on the virtual Secret Santa?

mig said...

Secret Santa sounds good to me. (Actually, I never really understood how it worked so you'll have to explain to me (I'll wait in the clueless corner ok)
Coo! Peacock crackers!!!!

Rimshot said...

oooo Virtual Secret Santa! That sounds FUN!

I, Like The View said...

well, usually it's to save a group of people money on the present front

instead of buying/receiving loads of crappy little gifts, each person from the group gets one name to buy one gift for - so each person only gets one gift (in theory, a slightly better quality one!)

there's usually a £5/£10 limit - or whatever is suitable for the group

I thought we could do it virtually. . .

. . .perhaps set a time limit (I mean I could imagine spending days looking for the right thing for some of you lovely lot!)

. . .I'd get one of the children to do the "secret" bit, so even I didn't know who was choosing for whom

. . .then I'd get everyone to email the "gift" (image or link or whatever)

. . .then I would publish them!

so, what do you think?

I, Like The View said...

ooooh - shot you slipped in without me noticing. . .

you likey?

I, Like The View said...

(and yes, mig aren't those peacock crackers just divine!)

dinahmow said...

Great idea! Count me in, please.

Harvey Nic's was always great at Christmas. Liberty? Anytime!

I, Like The View said...

cool! that makes one (me), two (Mel), three (mig), four (you), five (shot), six (Dave), seven (Vicus) so far

tee hee hee. . . this is going to be fun!

I, Like The View said...

(oh, and I went past the xmas windows of Harvey Nics on the bus the other day - they are AMAZING!!!!!)(might try and find some images. . .)

Z said...

As long as Dave appreciates that no one is going to give him nipples, sounds good to me.

Mel said...




k..... Do I sound excited?
Well, I am a tad bit HUGELY so!!!!


348 days til Halloween!!!!
k...I'm excited about that as well, but I'm ALL about the secret santa thingy!

Oh.....you come up with the bestest ideas.....


ME!! ME!!!

(yeah yeah....already on the list of takers--go figure I just wanted to make noise.....LOL)

Anonymous G said...

I'll be an observer from the outside. Sounds like fun and a most fabulous idea!

But we hardly know one another and I'd hate to pick out an inappropriate gift for any of your lovely readers.


I, Like The View said...

G no no no. . . you HAVE to join in! (something xmassy will do!)


*hopeful grin*

Mel you're in honey!

I, Like The View said...

dinah I've tried looking for photos of the Harvey Nic's xmas wondows. . . but can't find any! I'll obviously have to go up and take some myself to share with you


dinahmow said...

Ooh! Pictures of Harvey N! I was just about to have a nostalgic Google, but I'll hold out for the more personal angle.
(Selfridge used to be pretty good, but last time I saw them they'd slipped.)

zIggI said...

am I too late?????

I, Like The View said...

I'll take that as a resounding YES

you're in honey

be prepared. . . be very prepared!!!

Sorrow said...

Pretty please!
Yes! sign me up!

I, Like The View said...

yeay!!!! great


Christopher said...

Yes, please, glad to join in if you'll have me - as long as someone explains the rules SLOWLY and CAREFULLY

I, Like The View said...

well, it's very simple

1. you'll be emailed the name of someone on The List by me/one of my children

1.1. at the same time, someone else will be emailed your name

2. you'll have a time limit (as opposed to a financial limit) to choose them a virtual gift; they will have the same time to choose you a "gift"

2.1. it could be anything, an image, some prose, a link to a specific site - whatever you choose

3.1. you'll email the virtual gift to me/one of my children

3.2. the person who chose yours will email it to me/one of my children

4. I'll publish (here probably, unless I set up a totally separate blog) (it has been known for me to do that) the gifts with the receiver's name attached

5.1. the person you chose for will see the gift, but will not know who it's from (that's the Secret bit of the Santa arrangement)

5.2. you will find your gift, but you won't know who it's from (another part of the secret thang)

6. everyone will enjoy looking at everyone else's gifts, and may or may not try and work out who gave what to whom

I hope that's clear - if not, let me know


glad you're in, sir

I, Like The View said...

Z I take it you understand the concept. . .

Spadoman said...

May I join in the fun? Sorry I'm late in catching the drift of the idea. I'd love to play along.

I, Like The View said...

gosh! I'm glad you asked, cos it seems that you're already on the list. . .

. . .so that works for both of us!!


Spadoman said...

I looked at one of the comment above and I didn't see my name, not even my nick name, Man, like you call me. I felt so alone and lost and forgotten. But I'm glad I'm on the list. I'm somebody. I'm needed and wanted.
Oh joy! Can't wait for your instructions. No whips or chains, please.

I, Like The View said...


(right arrow, pointing at The List in the side bar)


katherine. said...


have I missed it?
am I too late?

I need to go read the rules?

katherine. said...

oh a VIRTUAL gift

(I was trying to convert pounds to dollars to figure it all out....)

I, Like The View said...

yeay! katherine's in

(you're never too late for a virtual game. . . especially since this one hasn't started yet!)

I'm assuming you read the rules and all is clear katherine.