it's enough to put you off your breakfast

maggots in the cat food. . .
. . .'f 'e lix it, he'll be really really ill



Mel said...




I, Like The View said...

and I mean, within the sachet. . . not in the bowl (as in from somewhere in the kitchen). . . actually inside the sealed foil sachet


AND my new coffee machine is broken and the company has gone into receivership so I can't get it repaired

<----- not happy

Mel said...

<-- NOT happy right along with ya...


Ew. *shudder*
INSIDE the foil?
Write the company! Take photos!

Christopher said...

How very provoking for you. We just use an ordinary push-down filter. There's very little to go wrong with it and the only disadvantage is that there are several fiddly bits to wash up after use.

Spadoman said...

Who cares about the cat food when the coffee maker is on the blink? That is the real dilemma, isn't it? I knew i shoulda offered some free consultation when you announced you were buying one.
Anyway, sorry cat. I love the Felix part, very creative. You are such a tool!


Mel said...


What WAS I thinking?!?!

<-- thinking has spare coffee makers and forgot the world doesn't operate like she does


I, Like The View said...

Mel you know how fussy I am about my expresso with foaming hot milk. . . don't want to go back to the "spare" which is the squishy job, having done that deal for months and months and months


but, I'm gonna hafta


man a Gaggia no less!! can you believe it?? I couldn't


and regarding the cat fodder, Felix is the brand name (and that's an image of the Felix cat. . . one of ours looks a little like that)(only slightly hungrier at the moment)

I'm so stupid. . . they normally have these biscuits called Iams, and the odd sachet of sloppy stuff for a treat - usually a brand called Wiskas, but the Felix was on special offer: now I know why!

Christopher I have one of those and have been using it for months as a replacement for my previous machine (which was very very old and had been repaired many many times and eventually broke completely) and now I guess I'll be using it again

Mel luckily it was part of one of my online grocery deliveries, so they refunded me the £s and then sent someone to collect the evidence and take it to their food labs (fishing the stuff out of the bin, where I'd thrown it in disgust, was almost as unpleasant as the initial shock)(I think I ought to have been refunded for that alone, actually!!)

I'll spare you all details of the rest of my day - makes the above look quite palatable!

ho hum


planetcity1 said...

as a kid, i had a kit-kat clock in the bedroom:

you're reference to Felix made me think of it

p.s. -- sorry about the maggots -- icky food discoveries are never fun :(

mig said...

Weird - you'd think they would have been, well, sterilised.
But I agree, the coffee machine is a much more serious issue!

Do you mean Gaggia has gone into receivership? Because if not, you can probably get it repaired by them?
Or you might get some help here
Or, apparently, at The House of Fraser"

Love Felix. I used to have an animated one which ran about all over the screen and did cute things :)

Mel said...

Yeah yeah.....I know it's a horrid transition, but seriously...NO coffee is better?
NO way....or....

k.....whaddaya think 'bad coffee is better than no coffee at all'?

Maybe a poll. LOL

You poor thing...

Mel said...

Oh....and I'm glad they took care of it, pronto.

For future avoidance of adventures of the maggot kind maybe the children oughta feed the kitty.


k.....that's really, really, really wrong.
Lemme go back to my naughty corner.....

I, Like The View said...

Mel it was the POVS who discovered the maggots and threw the whole lot in the bin - I didn't really believe it and fished everything out, only to discover for myself they were telling the truth. . .

. . .won't be making that mistake again

bad coffee is better than no coffee, but we haven't had a poll for a while. . .


mig Gaggia's in receivership and Phillips are dealing with people who own their machines (supposedly); I finally discovered someone at Phillips who'll take my call (it took about ten phone calls to get that far) and now I'm waiting for "a repairman" to get in contact

I'm not holding my breath

I won't be buying Felix again, however cute the cat it!!

planet it was the smell that really got me. . .


I'm liking the fact that you were reminded of your clock