more fun with fonts

(and I hope you do too!)

that reads dolce far niente in pet-writing,
and the following is in Japanese kanji (kinda):

and this, apparently, is
the sweetness of doing nothing:

check it out!


mig said...

I like the kinda kanji.

mig said...

And I love the view :)

Mel said...

I love 'em all!!

OH my.....I'M now playing and it's way cool......


Anonymous G said...

i think..(i mean i know) you have an eye for wonderful things.

i just thought i'd tell you that.


Dave said...

*waves feebly*

Spadoman said...

Okay, I'm making it a point to study and choose a different font than default for the next e-mail I send, if I have (take) time. Should be fun.


zIggI said...

Oh I like 'Genial' although too much information on the woodchucks sex life is probably not so good on a Sunday morning.

Where does a woodchuck chuck wood?
Where a woodchuck could chuck wood.


pass the gin sweetie

Mel said...

Yup. Very fun. And I'll have to go back and make some pretties that I can use.....cuz.....

((((( ILTV )))))

That's what I get for changing the text from the get-go.....I entirely missed the woodchuck deal. LOL

I, Like The View said...


(I could spend hours on that site)(who am I kidding. . . I have spent hours on that site!)


planetcity1 said...

i luv fonts...each has its own personality :)