oh crikey

so, he remained in contact this week. . . and. . .

we arranged to meet again; he's a cross between these two people
no, I don't believe it either - but then I did say a while back that I wanted a GBF (Gay Best Friend), so perhaps my fairy godmothers waved their wands and my wishes have come true
just think how perfect that would be! great company, lots of lovely arty meet-ups and I'd never have to worry about waxing my legs if I'm not wearing trousers
(I don't like wearing the trousers in a relationship, being a bit of a girly girl 'n' all. . .)

he's taking me here. . .sneak preview:

now the reason I know that is because when he said he'd take me to dinner, I asked what kind of place, for sartotial advice only, you totally understand, as I needed to know whether to go diamond heels and pearl tiara or biker boots/leather combo. . .

I wasn't sure if the diamond heels would work (he's a bit of a shortarse) and my tiara's a little rusty, so I'm wearing this:

"This painting is also known as The Ugly Duchess and A Grotesque Old Woman.
It's believed to be a painting satirizing older women
who dress inappropriately for their age ("mutton dressed as lamb"),
rather than being a portrait of a specific individual."

it's so long since I've been on a date that I've forgotten the appropriate etiquette. . .

. . .any hints and tips people?


KAZ said...

Are you just guessing or do you know?
Whether he's gay or just in touch with his feminine side, it sounds great.
Excellent venue .
Tip ... don't drink too much (just enough).

I, Like The View said...

he's a media lovely type, KAZ - kinda two air kisses *mwah mwah*, wonderfully camp, minimally decked out in Paul Smith, very arty and frighteningly literate

I won't be drinking an alcoholic thing: can't string a sensible sentence together at the best of times - the first time we met I couldn't even remember the name of the Booker Prize winning book I had introduced into the conversation (because I liked the cover of the book, not because I'm literate)

on the other hand, perhaps I am a little uptight. . .

I, Like The View said...

(ps - will you Secret Santa with us? please!)

Mel said...

Ummmmm.....tip--don't wear that dress.

I suddenly feel the need to check and double check my wardrobe.....

I, Like The View said...

was thinking about something more like this


Spadoman said...

Be yourself, you'll be fine. I've never seen you and don't really "know" you, but if you are as whimsical, artistic, creative and senseless as you are on the blogs, what's not to like?


mig said...

Here's to great company, arty meet-ups and natural legs!

That dress is something else!

And Spadoman is right. Being yourself is all you'll need.

Anonymous G said...

if we don't know if he's gay or if he's not, how are we supposed to come up with hints and tips??

you expect an awful lot of us.

wear something fashionable. that oughta cover it!


zIggI said...

theres no dates on here! Have you been or are you still contemplating your ensemble? If you've been, well?? If not, I have a sneaky suspicion you look good in anything :)

That old bird looks like me! Apparently all my clothes are too young for me which is why they disappear at an alarming rate to offspring! :-/

zIggI said...


brain in meltdown

I, Like The View said...

ZiggZ don't worry sweetie - at least you have one! (I don't seem to)

ZiggZ I wore my new jacket (not purchased for the occasion, but for the winter)(it was a cold night) and he commented on it favourably. . .

G I asked him, he said he wasn't

but that was the kind of thing I needed help on. . .

. . .do you actually ask someone if they're gay, on a date in the C21st

ho hum

mig sometime I wish I could be someone else (!)

man thanks for the peace, it kept me calm

mig said...

I've often wished I could be someone else I but I can't imagine who it could be as I've never yet met anyone who'd fit my requirements.

I, Like The View said...

sometimes I think that being anyone else but myself would be a blessing, and then I count the ones I have in my life and give myself a good hard pinch on the cheek

I prefer your approach!

katherine. said...

now I want to know what happened next

I, Like The View said...

he went on holiday the next day to Egypt (or so he said) and has returned, but hasn't contacted me

so he's obviously not interested and I can stop fretting about whether I'm ready for a relationship! (not that one was on the cards, not that I'd even decided I liked him, but you know how a mind works)