having been force fed plums from the garden as a child, I never really liked them. . .
but just recently whenever I've been in the supermarket, wandering thru the fresh produce shelves, the smell of the plums has been intoxicating (you know how in a proper fruit and veg green grocery type shop, the air is so full of freshness and so very confusing to the olfactory sense? yet somehow a supermarket produce area just feels a little chilly?)
so, today, we have plums - take one, or more if you wish, you could roll out some pastry add some proper custard and make a plum tart, you could knock up a delicious fruit chutney (altho there won't be time for that to mature before xmas now, so it will have to be a concoction for the new year) (crikey - 2010 is almost upon us!) or you could just take a bite and enjoy the juice and the freshness


Dave said...


I, Like The View said...

and lots more hugs, dear Dave

Rimshot said...

Yummmm! Thank you very much.

My Oma used to make plum cakes and I would devour them.

mig said...

I'm never sure about plums. They look so beautiful and smell so good but the skins set my teeth on edge.
Plum chutney sounds nice though and plum cake sounds wonderful.
Oh and upside down pudding with plums. That's nice.

Christopher said...

Wonderful, straight off the tree, with the bloom polished off on your T-shirt front and the stone propelled via your curled tongue over the hedge and far away. This is the very stuff of childhood's legend. What a shame that you should have been force fed them.

Spadoman said...

I'd love a plum right now, a fresh one. It's apples and oranges where I live. Local apples and pears, and oranges and grapefruits from Florida and California.
If there are plums, they might come from Chile or Brazil. I bought a Tuscany melon the other day, wasn't very soft or sweet.
Now, I'd devour one of those plums. Thanks.


Mel said...


Coffee, thanks.
Pretty as they are all polished up....I'll stick with coffee.

<-- too early for food! LOL

Vicus Scurra said...

Still suffering from headaches and trauma having been hit on the head by flying plum stones as a child.
They came over a hedge, without any warning.