sounds like my average day

"You probably won't be able to shut off the flow of images that spring from your subconscious now, but you can make conscious choices about what to do with the ideas. Your fantasies enrich your day by supplying you with an endless source of creative material, but they might also lead you astray by distracting you from your real work. Although escaping into your dreams may be unproductive, using them for motivation today is a smart strategy."
(apart from the "real work" bit, of course)


Spadoman said...

I have come to realize that the fantasy can be quite a bit better than the reality in most cases. Especially when dreaming about road trips, good conversation and romance.


mig said...

Hmmm. It all depends on the dreams!
Sometimes they make me feel like Jacob wrestling. Or something like that.

Mel said...

((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))

...and laundry. Don't forget laundry....LOL