Step aside partner, it's my day
Bend an ear and listen to my version
Of a really solid, Tennisee

Pardon me boys, is that the
Chattanooga Choo Choo?
Track 29! Boy you can give me a shine?
Can you afford to board, the Chattanooga Choo Choo?
I've got my
fare, and just a trifle to spare
You leave the Pensilvania station 'bout a quarter to four
Read a
magazine and then you're in Baltimore
Dinner in the dinner, nothing could be finer, than to have your. . . . . . . in Carolina (!)
When you hear the whistle blowing eight to the bar Then you know that Tennisee is not very far Shuffle all the coal in, gotta keep it rollin' Whoo Whoo Chattanooga, there you are!

There's gonna be
a certain party at the station,
Satin and lace,
I used to call funny face,
She's gonna cry,
Until I tell her
that I'll never roam. . .

Chatanooga Choo Choo,
Won't you choo choo me
Get aboard. . .
All aboard...
Chattanooga Choo Choo,
Won't you choo choo me home?


Mel said...

Oh......that was lovely.
Utterly and perfectly lovely.

A much needed break from the computer work I was doing at the house--until the kiddo I'd promised a sticker to if she went all day without whining.......whined. *laughing*
Like the pot calling the kettle black, eh? I assure you--I got NO sticker today.

<-- whined more than once

Which is why the sing along was welcomed, thank you.
And the photos--perfect! :-)

Mel said...

And yes---just so ya know, I got my arse IN the car and took the kiddo her sticker. :-)

She was 'chuffed'.

I, Like The View said...

no doubt she was chuffed!!


glad this hit the spot - was talking with someone about big band music and it reminded me of how I loved Glenn Miller when I was a teen, and then I thought of The Brit and his trianset. . .

only one track when my mind's going in that direction!

(one track, geddit!!)

Mel said...

*chuckling* I get it!

Himself is a Glenn Miller fan--and we've got multiple tracts....err....tracks...ummm........both apply!

What a great tune to have stuck.

I'm gonna show himself the great photos--it'll give him incentive to put more trees on the hill. (it needs more trees--I keep tellin' him!)

mig said...

Lovely :)

katherine. said...

you coming to tennessee?

I'm having a problem commenting lately...well my computer is...

I, Like The View said...

katherine. glad we're all caught up now!

mig I love this song!!

Mel has he put more trees on? has he! has he!