so I was thinking about next year

as usual I turn to google images to try and flesh out my thoughts a little. . . otherwise, it's all a little bit sad, isn't itfor, dear reader, were it not for our amazing online encyclopedia I would not be able to show you how my mind works while I'm singing a song (for some that may be a relief, but for you, dear reader, it would be a tragedgy) (tragedy, see) (you have no idea what it's like, being in my head) (and thank your lucky stars for that!) (see, when I typed tradgedy, most of you would have thought of this, but I thought of The Bee Gees. . .) (YIKES!); so, anyway, where was I? oh, I know!

thinking about next year. . .this is one of the things I found:
(sometimes it's a little random,
and a little like the best jumble sales,
one has to rummage around a bit to find the good stuff)
(but life's like that, eh)

this was another thing:
(but that doesn't really apply to us, does it?)
I guess the thing about next year is that
is that
is that
the only thing I really want is to stop being so sad
I mean, I managed to stop being depressed in 2009, didn't I? so it must be possible. . . musn't it? I don't really bore you with it, you see, because it would just get a little repetitive. . . hour after hour, day after day of me being sad
but sometimes I just can't get it out of my head - it goes round and around and I go about the day and do the chores and look after the children and their various needs and yet I'm still so sad and I go out to the supermarket and I go and sit and have a coffee somewhere or other and read the paper and I read books and I finish the sudoku and I wander around the library and I walk along down by the river and I go home again and do my best to be a good mother and and and and everynowandagain I try and shake myself out of it and get my act together and do something different like the etching and the quest for the perfect lipstick and yet I can never seem to shake the sad away
see, you're bored already aren't you?
that's why I don't go on about it!
so, next year. . . I'm actually trying not to think about it


Dave said...

Maybe it's coffee that causes it. Or smoking.

I'm pretty sure it's not me, anyway.

KAZ said...

I'm certainly not bored and I'm glad someone else finds comfort in Google images.
You are doing so well after your really bad time. It will get better.

Z said...

No, I'm not bored, and thank you for mentioning it because I do wonder how you are feeling. I'm sorry you're so sad and I do hope you will start to feel much better soon.

If you knew how much better you make the rest of us feel, very day, I wonder if that would help in any way? Because you're lovely and cheering, and I look forward to my visits here.

Mel said...

First of all--someone ate my post. RAWR!

Secondly--what they said.

Sad is just .... sad.
I get to feel it, too.
I can't say it's one of my favorite emotions, but it comes with the package. Part of being human and dealing with loss.

And perhaps if you got an inkling of what coming here does for others, you'd 'get' why morning coffee happens here (for me) day after day after day.

Or not.
I'd suppose it matters that I 'get it'.
And I'd suppose if I simply said "Matters to this one" it'd be a good reminder for me.

As you wish--so do I wish for you.....every single cotton pickin' one.

((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))

AND I wish for a supersoaker, of course. One of those really big squirt guns that holds a bazillion gallons of water.


(Please Mr. Moof Monster do NOT eat this post, ty..)

Mel said...

Ohhhh..and I'll have you know I didn't think Bee Gees when you wrote 'tragedy'


I, Like The View said...


I, Like The View said...

(please see below)(x)

mig said...

(((((((((((( I ))))))))))))))))
There is life after depression. And after sadness.
(((((((((((( I ))))))))))))
(PS - Not boring)

Greg said...

Not boring. I may not manage to comment that much but I'm never far away and always make sure that I read what you've written.

And the smoking doesn't cause sadness. I gave up and I still get sad.

I, Like The View said...

Greg and there was me, not commenting chez toi as I didn't want to feel like I was peeking where I oughtn't to be. . . I do think about you a lot, how brave you are, how I hope it's working out (despite the xmas eve church step shenanigans); I don't think my sadness is the fags either, it is because I screwed up and can't make it right; I hope you take some comfort in what Ms Mel said, cos it makes perfect sense to me. . . hugs, dear man

mig I hope so

Anonymous G said...

Sad comes and goes. Sometimes it stays and stays...

But just look for those little glimmers and moments of joy.

Like the joys you must feel from your dear readers......

times a billion


Greg said...

Oh my God! Please don't feel like you're peeking if you drop in at Twirling.

I know that Polly and I can get a little wrapped up in one another but it's like kissing in a park - you don't expect friends to walk past, not wanting to disturb us.

I, Like The View said...

Greg I pop in when I see you've written something and put it out there. . . but it is like seeing two lovers smooching - and I wouldn't want to interupt that!

g you lovely people are the main source of joy in my life. . . apart from the three POVS


hugs backatcha!