there's a chill in the air

I doubt it will mean snow. . .. . . but one can always hope
mind you, there's wishing for something and then there's having too much of a good thing. . .
I love it when you're out in the snow and you can actually see the individual flakesthat top left hand one looks a little like your cookie, doesn't it?as does 895 above (probably my favourite snowflake shape); there's a science to it, ya know (well really there's a science to most things, isn't there, it's just a question of knowing about it)looking at that makes me realise that playing out in the snow when I was little meant supersaturated socks and gloves and feeling really chilly - my mother didn't do hot chocolates, but if she had I'd have liked to have warmed up with one of these. . .
. . .or even a more seasonal oneand wouldn't it be nice to have someone to share one of these with. . .(I hope you do!) now, I can never think of marshmallows without thinking of this guyaltho I'd rather end with these two



Dave said...

Mmmmm. Hot chocolate.

KAZ said...

I could go on about those hexagonal crystal structures for ever.

Mel said...

I catch 'em on my muttons and try really hard not to breathe on 'em when I'm checking out the pattern.

Sometimes I'm late to work cuz I'm inspecting 'em on the windshield.....until it fogs over. Guess I need to remember not to breathe! LOL

And oh what pretty marshmallows. That'd be worth having to suffer through the hot chocolate. (which I do about twice a season!.)

Wonder if I can make some of those with the wee cutters that I have.....that'd be fun for the holiday--'cept I don't know how I'd get the spinkle things on it...

Glue. LOL

Vicus Scurra said...

I have several identical snowflakes.

Spadoman said...

Who would have thought that there was a scientific explanation for the natural occurrence of snowflakes.
I just thought they existed, and no two in the universe are ever alike, (does that mean from snowfall to snowfall or forever and ever?)
I just bought a new piece of snow removal equipment to replace the old outdated but functional one I had. You can read about it at my place. (Sorry to blog whore, but it was so in keeping with the snowflake theme I couldn't resist.)
In the meantime, plenty of snow here, sorry I can't share it with you, or share the hot chocolate for that matter while sitting by the fireplace, would be some time well spent.


Christopher said...

It has started snowing here and the small birds are getting through massive quantities of sunflower seeds. We could be in for a hard winter, but blogs like this will keep the chill at bay.

Rimshot said...

I simply HEART the way your mind works sometimes. :)

Sorrow said...

I am up late and feeling the stress monsters clawing at my door.
So I was wondering about and I was thinking about once upon a time when you had a twelve night party, and it was a series of blog posts and there were the neatest comments an it was so nice to be able to do the holidays from the sanity of my own nest. Not have to sit in a room with people who laugh to loud to cover there anxiety or where they stare at your boobs and ask you when your due. When they ask after your children and get their names wrong.
I wish I could mail myself to another planet at this time of year.
oh and i wanted to tell you your angel watches over me and mine while we dine this year.
I hug her in my kitchen/eating room.
My mini teen says she looks so gentle.
sigh I thought that was a lovely compliment don't you...
I 's rambling.. be a dear read this and then delete it...

Anonymous G said...

I agree with shot. :-)

(((sorrow))), even though i just barely know you, if at all.

but any friend of ILTV's is a friend of mine.

because first ILTV was a friend of mine because mel is a friend of mine.


i love snoopy and woodstock.

snow? whassat???


I, Like The View said...

you people brighten my day so

if only you knew


sorrow it's still here: "MERRY CHRISTMAS! the 12+ days. . ." and as usual all the links to other places are in bold red font (you can always find it via my profile view thingy too)

mig said...

Can there be anything as lovely as a snowflake (unless it's a cookie that looks like a snowflake).

Supersaturation eh? I remember that!