there's no avoiding it

the season is upon us

but I won't be harping on about it for a while yet, you'll be pleased to know - there are other things to attend to in the meantime
(from Tatler magazine, 1st December a century ago)
(nothing much changes, does it)
right! things to do, people; places to go. . . my mother used to say to me "he's gone to see a man about a dog" when someone was off in a kind of secretive fashion

(but I haven't gone and have no secrets)

have a productive day


Dave said...

Ha! Pinch and a punch for the first of the month!

I, Like The View said...

as the label says: no returns

safe journey!


(and even with the no returns, I won't be punching you in the eye for being so sly)(or giving you a kick for being so quick)

Christopher said...

Dave, you beat me to it. How is it that you folk get in so quickly, and we expats with an hour in hand? Isn't a good breakfast your first concern?

*Memo to self: Must stay up at least till 1.00am on Dec 31st*

Mel said...

Well, then.
I'm in no threat of being kicked or punched.....right?

*scratching head*

Happy December!
I'm sure it'll be filled with all sorts of wondrous things.
Like....boxes in the middle of the livingroom to trip over. :-/

I, Like The View said...

Mel that reminds me, I have to find where I put all the boxes last year when my brain was only just working. . .

and no, no kicking or punching


Christopher if I had someone to breakfast with, I'm sure it would be good

in the meantime, I wake up doing this!

*memo to self: make sure there's a cracking New Year's Day piece to make Christopher's late night worthwhile*

(thought: isn't 1am on Dec 31st just very early on new year's eve?)(I'm confused now)(doesn't take much, eh)

Vicus Scurra said...

As I have just mentioned on facebook (we don't see you there often enough, young lady) I claim victory over the propagators of christmas schmaltz today. My bile outweighs their saccharine coated candyfloss by 6 to 1, and I have spent most of the day in enjoyment of the works of my fellow cynics.
So don't come round here telling me what season it is. I will piss on your christmas tree, sneeze on your crackers and read from Aleister Crowley at your carol service.

I, Like The View said...

I think you've just made far more of it than I did

all I did was show an image of some young ladies pulling a tempting cracker

so, given that you're pissing and sneezing and reading. . .

. . .will you per-lease join in the festive fun and join the I,LTV's 2009 SS?

*blows air kisses in abundance*

I, Like The View said...

ps glad you had an enjoyable day!

Christopher said...

Of course it 1.00am on Jan. 1st. No excuses. Wasn't just testing. Drat. Must eat more fish.

I, Like The View said...

oh I knew that really


it's not even that I was testing you. . .

. . .eeek! that must mean that I'm being pedantic. . .

. . .yikes! nope, I think I was actually trying to ensure that proper and decent service is maintained over the festive period

(or probably, I was trying to make sure that I have something to do on NYE)

Mel said...

Well then....I'll have you know I did have a productive day. Though--it's just getting over with so it was a LONG productive day.
AND I wore red.
Just sayin'.....

katherine. said...

I canNOT believe it is December

mig said...

I'm not quite ready for that season yet. Nearly but not quite.
Perhaps I'll think about it tomorrow.