1, 2, 3, 4! I got a sheet for my bed and a pillow for my headI got a pencil full of lead and some water for my throat I've got buttons for my coat and sails on my boat So much more than I needed before I got money in the meter and a two-bar heater Now it's getting hotter, oh it's only getting sweeter. . . I got legs on my chairs and a head full of hair A pot and a pan and some shoes on my feet I got a shelf full of books and most of my teethA few pairs of socks and a door with a lock I got food in my belly and a licence for my tellyAnd nothing's going to bring me down I got a nice guitar and tyres on my car I got most of the means; and scripts for the scenes
I'm out and about, so I'm in with a shout
I got a fair bit of chat but better than that
Best of all (best of all) I've got my baby
She's mighty fine and says she's all mine
And nothing's going to bring me down
Not today, no, no. . .

(now you, dear reader, will know that I don't usually explain the songs going around in my head, often there is no explanation. . . but this one is for you and your love - because I'm glad you have one. . . life without love is empty, no matter how we - those of us without it - try and convince ourselves. . . so, my hope for you, this new year, is that you have love and you make the most of it. . . and for those of us without, well, that's why we have to sing about it!)


Mel said...

Oh!! There's that fun water again! And buttons and beautiful boat sails...

AND a tune!

'Cept I'm stuck on "High Hopes".

What's up with that?!

Mel said...

Oh...and I was very excited about the book shelves!! :-)

Spadoman said...

I sometimes feel ashamed that I have a love, the kind you seek, in my life. It wasn't always that way. Long time ago, I didn't realize that I had this love, (that I loved or anyone loved me).
I was lucky that Mrs. Spadoman stuck around. I'm afraid to ask her why she did, but now that she is still in my life, I realize what a gift it is. I hope I'm being worthy now that I understand a bit more.
Now, about you. Nothing I can say can give you solace for your perceived loneliness, but if smiles were love, you've given plenty to many, including me. Your love is out there, you just don't know who it is yet.

Peace and love dear lady.

mig said...

(((((((((((((( dear I ))))))))))))))
And thank you for your hopes for us.