not me, the computer
so much so that I have actually begun to look into investigating how I might buy going about deciding whether or not to purchase a new one, before something really bad happens which just reminds me of the household appliances chez I,LTV Towers in general - and how difficult these things are to mend at home, despite the advice one can find with the help of Mrs Google. . . . . .mind you, at least the POVS are spared their previous 4-5pm experiences

and talking of things which pass by my lips (kind of) I'm pleased to inform you, dear reader, that I went on yet another coffee meet this weekend (I refuse to call these things "dates"). . . the coffee was so enjoyable (kind of) that we (well, not "we" as such, "the coffee meet individual" and I) then decided to share some lunch

(the vegetarian version actually)

once the pate was cleared a bill appeared (in this case a paper receipt for the cost of the items consumed, not Uncle Robert's other brother who is not your father), "we" didn't go Dutch. . .
[my mother
(remember her and all her "good" advice?)
advised me that I should always insist on
"going Dutch";
she wasn't referring to fashionable shoes]
I reached for my rainy day purse and offered up my share of the costs incurred, but TCMI insisted he paid (subtly adding the words "this time": which suggested to me that he might want to repeat the experience, but with my good self footing the bill "next time" - I'll wear my clogs, shall I?) (or perhaps I should just start saving for a new laptop)
anyhoo. . .
dear reader, I ask you:
is there such as thing as
a free lunch?


Dave said...


I, Like The View said...

sorry, that contained to many ?s

did you mean

no, I shouldn't wear clogs

no, I shouldn't start saving for a laptop


no, there is not such a thing as a free lunch

if it's the final one to which you refer, if I decided not to see him again - then wouldn't I have had a free lunch?

Christopher said...

- and I was once very pleased to give Dave a free lunch just as I would you, I, if ever the occasion arose.

*not feeling sour, really, nor miffed either, but maybe a little distrait, that's to say slightly on edge, because I've just run out of Cadbury's Papal Strength Fruit and Nut*

Dave said...

Ah, but you might feel you owed him something, so mentally you'd still have a niggle.

Best bring sandwiches when you come to visit me.

I, Like The View said...

Dave dear Dave, if I ever, sorry, when I come and see you, I'll bring a hamper stuffed to the gills with delicious sweets, treats and other kind of edibles (for us to share)

and a coffee machine and some coffee (for me)

I don't feel I owe him anything - after all, I travelled up at town (£1.20 each way on the bus), bought a paper to read while I waited (£2), purchased a coffee whilst I was reading my paper (£2.25) before he turned up and then shared two hours of my time with him - priceless, as Mastercard would say (apart from the first three bits, which in sum cost me £5.55)

Christoper do you have it sent over to you from Blighty?

and, sorry, I'm so confused still

yes, I shouldn't wear clogs

yes, I shouldn't start saving for a laptop


yes, there is not such a thing as a free lunch


(one day I'll get Dave to deliver me for that free lunch!)

Christopher said...

Oh dear. It seemed simple enough to me:

Yes, you shouldn't altogether espouse and definitely abandon the idea of not wearing clogs

- and so on.

Cadbury's PSF&N: Not available locally. Kind friends bring it when they visit, or we stock up when we come over to the UK, or nearest and dearest post it. But it's all gone and I'm now condemned to sniff desperately at the wrapper. Like sniffing at your last, empty packet of fags. Or the next pillow after your lover's gone in the morning.

Dave said...

Actually, I've just remembered I owe you a breakfast, from the time I slept at yours. Perhaps I'd better find something for you to nibble.

Mel said...


Silly computers....
Himself is mumbling as I type--I understand how he could end up with a virus, I do!
He's an impatient computery person and I'm.....illiterate but patient!

k...well then.
Heaven yes, wear clogs--they can be quite comfy.
Yup...start socking pennies away for that new 'puter...and I'd like to think there is such a thing as a 'free lunch'.

And I'm going to have to steal the caffeine curve. LOL
Maybe I can figure how to put that as the header to my weblog?

<-- IS patient!

7am wake up?!
k....might need to make some adjustments to that curve....

mig said...

At least Mrs Google told you about the missing o ring on redesigned models.
Is that an exploded coffee machine?
The caffeine curve is most esspressive, I think I'll have a cup now just to boost my work habits and heave me over the normalcy line.

Now about that free lunch. I feel a bit of experimentation is needed....

Sorrow said...

Yes there is such a thing as a free lunch,
but No
it doesn't usually involve men,( sorry dave)
and YEs you should save for a new lap top or desk top or computer, and maybe by a mac?
And as far a shoes go, I suppose you have to put something on your feet.
can't think of a good one on for this one...

zIggI said...

I was totaly distracted from what I was about to say by the mention of C's F&N - I can't live without it and indeed would gladly serve it for lunch (free) to anyone of you lovely people.

So yes, a free lunch is a easily a possibility, more than that and I'd watch out for what payment was expected in return! Still, who knows, it might be a price worth paying :)

mig said...

Lunch with any of you people would surely be priceless.
I would happily offer a free one in return - without strings : )

Anonymous G said...

Was he kind? Handsome??

Are you looking forward to another coffee meeting?

Was HE wearing clogs?

(i have questions too, ya' know!?!)

Mel said...

Ohhhhhhh....questions are allowed? :-)



What's a Cadbury's PSF&N? :-/

Dave said...

Morning. x

I, Like The View said...

Dave morning! breakfast?

Mel some kind of Cadbury Fruit and Nut chocolate. . . soon to be Kraft Fruit and Nut, I understand

G keep asking, it'll help me sort my mind out. . .

kind? seemingly; hansome? George Clooney's not so good looking little brother; looking forward? not sure yet, I'll take a rain check on that and get back to you!

mig that's an offer I'm happy to repeat!

ZiggZ why is everyone so obsessed with F&N?! what am I missing out on. . .

sorrow a mac. . . hmmmmmmm, tempting

cool footwear!

mig X thought he'd be able to mend all the broken coffee machines by taking them apart (according to the internet's supply of exploded diagrams) and then putting them together again. . .

. . .sadly there is no such thing as a free way to mend a coffee machine

Christopher I'd joke about us setting up a Disaster Fund to supply you with CF&N, only it would be in bad taste at the moment

zIggI said...

what I meant to say before I had to go and eat some F&N was if you replace your laptop get a macbook - this isn't a recomendation simply an order sweetie (: