Friday - healthy treats all round!

lovely people, meet my juicer:

(well, not quite, but almost)
my favourite juice combo
is apples and carrots. . .

. . .with parsley and ginger

but you're welcome to try anything!
so take your pick
and I'll chop and blend

(the grapes and blueberries are the most fun,
cos they pop up and down while they wait to be juiced)

but if you find that a little boring,
try this while you wait:
(if I had photoshop, I'd have great fun with that lot. . .
Mr Potato Head, eat your heart out)


Vicus Scurra said...

yes please. Do you deliver?

mig said...

Have you any lemongrass?
May I have lemongrass and ginger please? With a splash of fizzy water because they don't either of them have much juice.
(wordver, bolst. We used to use bolst curry powder.)

Dave said...

Peach, strawberry and banana please.

I, Like The View said...

Dave coming up

mig I'm fairly sure that there's some lemon grass knocking about - that sounds lovely! a bet it's a good wake-up drink (for when one's feeling a little sleepy)

Vicus it's all portable

Christopher said...

I'm intrigued by the fun fruit and veg. square. Are you supposed to write into the speech bubbles what the fruit say as they bob up and down waiting to be juiced? Do those French Golden Delicious say om-pom-pom?

Oh, wait - they're STAMPS, at least they've got the queen's head on. Or is The Queen's Head the rub-a-dub down the frog-and-toad where you're going to keep a spare wait-and-see?

I, Like The View said...

Christopher actually the pub at the top of the road is called The Prince of Wales. . .

not sure about the Golden Delicious, but the Pink Ladies are singing "Grease is the Word" (which would be more suited to a Full English, granted, than my healthy juice breakfast)

Mel said...

Yes please. Make mine a double.

*checking on the NOT smooshed lizard, basking on the rock*

THANK you, G-d!!!!!

Spadoman said...

Good stuff for sure. I like the carrot apple combo, but I also like anything that's available. Red Beets with the orange, apple and Carrot.

Don't know why I capitalized the fruits and veggies.


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