more things I learnt today

that I should have known before

on the day before the POVS (People Of Various Sizes) go back to school and you conduct a uniform check

once you've picked up the offending items from the furthest, darkest recesses of their rooms (clothes peg firmly clipped to nose) and then your washing machine does this:

this might be the only option for uniform cleanliness:


this is an appropriate use for a pudding bowl:

despite the fact that your male children do not want to have the kind of decent haircuts for school that school requires (detentions are very happily dished out by said school if hair is not worn to regulations, especially on the first day back after a holiday) and that their father could have bought them for under a tenner at the nearest barber. . .

this is not an appropriate use of a pudding bowl (even when the men of the tribe remember that the sensible one forgot to take the two not-sensible ones to the barber, and by this time the two not-sensible ones have returned to chez moi and I'm the only one with hair-dressing scissors, even then this is not the desired result):


setting your alarm to the "school day wake-up time" one day early. . .

. . .only has one result


Dave said...

Mmmmm... trifle.

Sorrow said...

said Small people of my house, ( though how do i say that when the teen is 2 meters or 6 foot 6 inches) have been given a stay of execution. The weather is Piss, so they have canceled their first day back after Holiday.
Can you say overwhelming joy?

Mel said...


No school for the kiddos tomorrow. Sub zero temps will do that around here.

Which shoulda been good reason NOT to have to take the bug BACK TO HER PARENTS.....
But alas...... *sigh*

Rimshot said...

I miss the days when my own hair required scissors to groom.

I, Like The View said...

shot but at least I will never be able to make you look like a monk

Mel I've just sent them off - the moon is still in the sky, there's a frost on the parked cars in the street and ice on the left-over washing up in the kitchen. . . but snow is promised for the middle of the week! (we don't often get snow days in London, but there was one last year, so the POVS are keeping their fingers crossed)

sorrow The Teen has been 6'3" since he was 13, Teen Too (now 14) is 6'1" (I'm only 5'10", so to have two of them tower over me is a little bit much) - but 6'6"!!!! that's HUGE!!!!!!

Dave I really like trifle, but they don't so I don't make it anymore. . . sometimes I buy myself an individual mini one from M&S as a treat

not the same tho, as a huge sloppy homemade one - I love the slurping noise that the spoon makes when you're serving, you know when some kind of vacuum is made as the jelly/custard/fruit/sponge mix comes away from the side of the bowl. . . hmmmmmmmmmmm. . . yum!

zIggI said...

I can't go back to school for at least another month . . .

twiddles thumbs

I have crocheted some fingerless gloves!

I, Like The View said...

ZiggZ I will have to visit you, I need someone to show me how to crochet (can't follow the instructions in my book, d'oh) (I knitted lots of fingerless gloves in Nov/Dec, and even The Teen asked for a pair!!)