the overall winner:

shot for Bill

the judges were trying to find sexy/trendy/funky overalls (geddit?) but this was all they could come up with:


Mel said...

*happily applauding* :-)


AND he gets a giant woman with fluffy hair!

(I'm sure that's the first thing folks notice.....)

I, Like The View said...

to be honest, they were all so good that I didn't want to give a first prize. . .

. . .but Bill being you're other uncle just made me laugh so much!!!

(altho I did really like the seagulls getting up to no good)(and, d'ya know, I thought that word was "mess" nor "rness", so I've decided to wear my glasses a little more often when doing this!)

I, Like The View said...

she has fluffy hair? oh yes, she does!

mig said...

A worthy winner. The cleverness!
(I hope, if Shot is in that car that he's got his phone charging cup with him so he can, er, phone someone?)

Rimshot said...


"You like me! You really like me!"

I'd like to thank my manager, my agent, my family, my accountant, my yoga instructor, my maids (both upstairs and down), my valet, my driver, my seven iron, my putter, my oh my, my llama, your llama, not a llama, PENGUIN!

P.S. I believe there's a typo in the actual Bill definition. I believe it should read "...and Bill IS your other uncle..." [emphasis added]

Wordver: dostest
what one's child does to one's self at times.