the quest for the perfect lipstick (continued)

a second meeting
yes, I had a companion at the RA yesterday didn't see Vincent, as the queueueueueueueueueueueue was very very very very very very very very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong, but saw Wild Thing, which features some of the sculpture of Eric Gill. . .. . .someone in whom I have a keen interest as you might recall from the other day
my companion (someone in whom I have but a vague interest). . . . . .(he's a Merican) (I'll say no more) (at the moment) was a decent enough gallery companion. . . didn't mind the fact I was late. . . didn't mind the fact that I'd described the meeting point as one dedicated to Linnaeus, but mixed that up with somewhere else. . . didn't mind the fact I needed a coffee and a fag before we even entered the building. . . didn't mind the fact that I was looking a bit scruffy. . . didn't really seem to mind about very much at all, actually, which on reflection is a bit odd, wouldn't you say?
but quite possibly, seeing as this was a meet - not a date - there was nothing much to mind: I mean, it's only an investment of time and a sharing of money (on the "going dutch", I paid this time) so far, not an intellectual or emotional investment

so, dear reader,
what makes a date a date
and not a meet?


Dave said...

The use of tongues. Oh no, that's kissing, isn't it?

I, Like The View said...

NO! that's talking. . .

I don't know what you're on about

Greg said...

You do realise, of course, that he might just have been a decent bloke who accepted your need for coffee and smokes etc just because he likes your company....

Mel said...

You do realise, of course, that he might just have been a decent bloke who accepted your need for coffee and smokes etc just because he likes your company....

Geeze, I like Greg a whole lot. He's a smart one, that one!

Yep--listen to Greg.
I mean...sheeeeshhh, I DO have exquisite taste in who I have coffee with yaknow.... :-/

Mel said...


And it becomes a 'date' when you say so.

Or...when he says so, even!
Or if he says so and you say it's's not?


Greg said...

I have my moments :o)

Christopher said...

Sounds an OK kind of bloke to me. Could a meet involve more than two, whereas a date...?

Now, this Linnaeus thing. I'm particularly interested because on the occasion of my second engagement, thinking we were alone, I asked the vital question but before J. could draw breath to answer this person appeared out of the adjacent cemetery and started to talk to us at great length about - well actually I'm afraid I've forgotten what she was going on about, and I hope in the circumstances I can be excused for inattention, but she did introduce herself as the Secretary of the Linnaean Society. I don't suppose you can cast any light on this?

w v 'allica' - clearly a Manx of no breeding

zIggI said...

A. Lust

I, Like The View said...

ZiggZ just lust? erm, ok

I'll take your word for it


Christoperh he's the guy who invented animal classification, and Burlington House (where one finds the Royal Academy) is also home to his society. . .

. . .amongst others:

Geological Society of London (Piccadilly/east wing)
Linnean Society of London (Piccadilly/west wing)
Royal Astronomical Society (west wing)
Society of Antiquaries of London (west wing)
Royal Society of Chemistry (east wing)

in fact BH is an interesting place, there is a group of fountains set into the forecourt in the pattern of the planets in relation to the stars at the birth of Sir Joshua Reynolds (the first president of the Royal Academy) (16 July 1723)

as dear sweet Vicus would say, I hope this helps

Greg/Mel I'm glad you two sorted that out!

I, Like The View said...

oops, sorry Christope. . . might have to abbreviate you at some stage. . . even tho I get fed up when people abbreviate me in real life. . .

Christopher said...

Quite understand, i. Yes, I knew about Carl Linnaeus etc. What I wanted light shed on was how the Linn. Soc. secretary came to interrupt a proposal of marriage. Are we to understand from Zigs that A.Lust is the name of the Secretary? Are we in deep waters here?

I, Like The View said...

Christopher (phew!) I actually don't know how the secretary came to be so intrusive. . . presumably you proposed anyhow?

(. . .and I think that the witchy one has indentified that my "meet" was actually a "date")(but I'm saying no more on that topic)

Christopher said...

The dialogue was as follows, near enough:

Me: J., shall we get married?

A.Lust (appears through cemetery gate; with very English accent): Bonjour, monsieur-dame. Est-ce que vous avez vu mon mari? Un homme très grand avec une canne?

Me and J.: I'm sorry, we haven't seen anyone. Have you lost him?

A.Lust: Oh, you're English. No, you see, we were just exploring and we must have got separated...

(drones on for twenty minutes, during which she identifies herself as Sec. of the Linn. Soc. and gives us her card, which I've since lost.)

...and now I really must try and find my husband. He's so unworldly, you know. I should have him on a lead, shouldn't I? I have enjoyed our little chat. Au revoir. (She goes.)

J.: Yes.

Me: Yes what?

J.: Yes, please.

Me: Oh, that...

mig said...

I thought ziggi meant lust makes a date out of a meet?
I can't see why Mr Meet/Date should have minded any of the things you mention (unless he has a thing about punctuality) since he got to enjoy the gallery with a delightful and interesting companion as well as being able to indulge in coffee first. What more could you want?

(LOL, Christopher, that's the best proposal story I've heard for ages :)

dinahmow said...

erm...that chap with the horse...if he's who I think he is(was) he's probably not the right one to ask cos he's been dead for about 50 years.

Ziggi, on the other hand, seems to have her finger on the pulse.

katherine. said...

raising my eyebrows

I, Like The View said...

*waves at katherine.*