few things make me drool

(I could list them, but you're spared) the art of Hundertwasser certainly does it for me - perhaps not for you, I can see how some wouldn't think it "art". . . I was entranced by the work when I first came across it at a show in the late 80s, at the time I was an impoverished student so left with nothing but a few postcards; now I own a small book, a little like a single version of one of the below, which glitters from the bookshelf due to the green foil embossing on the cover. . .

. . .I think seeing the silver and gold foils used in the artworks was one of the reasons the paintings stuck such a chord with me, not that I was a magpie or liked shiny things - more that I'd never seen metallic foils used this way: even the post cards were blocked with foil. . . marvellous
reproducing the works for a computer screen does create a certain dullness, without the glow of the metallic embossing the painting seem almost shadows, lacking their potency. . . but I still find them intriguing

I find the shapes and the patterns and the pallettes fascinating

I hope your day hasn't been dull
but that you've had moments which shined
and will glow upon reflection,
if you see what I mean


dinahmow said...

Ooh! Hundertwasser and coffee to start my day. Perfect!

Dave said...

I like the first one. But reds are a thing with me. As you'll see if you ever visit me.

Spadoman said...

Very nice stuff View, (you don't mind if I call you View, do you?) Many folks call me by my surname only, especially when I was in the workforce.
Anyway, I like the shapes and colors.
See if you like This Person's art. It's colorful as well. Not really similar, but colorful.


mig said...

I absolutely love Hundertwasser. I could look at his pictures for hours. Have done in fact : )

Mel said...

Is this where I admit I'd never heard of the fella until here (as in this place.).

I think I'd like to see what the foil block thingy looks like--and the difference it makes maybe.

But wow are they busy and full of colour and detail.

I, Like The View said...

Mel if I still had the postcard, I'd send it to you. . . but in the meantime, next time you're in a biggish bookshop, look in the art section - they'll have a book of his (I hope!)

mig (-: XXX

man "View" is good! I liked the work on the link - thanks (etsy's great, eh)

Dave oh! I hadn't expected you to like this. . . reds are good (I have a single red wall, but you might not remember)

dinah my pleasure!

Mel said...

Laughing over here--

I mean, afterall.....this IS Iowa.....