that cascade of violins. . .

I've been humming the tune all day
of course, it makes me think also of Diamonds Are Forever and Shirley Bassey's sexual tones. . . and also Robbie's Millenium. . . a little, not really, it's too hard edged and brightly sparkly - apart from the cascase of violins. . . (and also, but not so much, Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes. . .)
not that I'm thinking of diamonds, or violins it's just odd how sometimes (oftentimes?) a tiny part of a tune get lodged in one's brain
I was reading the other day in my favourite weekly (New Scientist) about how the brain dishes out rewards for certain things - you know, that marvellous sensation of contentment and happiness that come from your brain's "pleasure centre"? the article was in reference to senses of humour and different types of jokes and why one laughs when one "gets" a joke (well, read the link and see for yourself. . . hope it works!) and as I was wandering around today, I had the same almost indescribable light feeling from huming the tune. . . (the cascading violins tune from You Only Live Twice) (do concentrate at the back!)

of course, it's not quite the same when I have a tune going around in my head and I can't place it


Mel said...

It's Monday and I have a high need to connect with my 'pleasure center'.

(which completely justifies stealing himself's cuppa java!)
ty ty ty

mig said...

Visceral concomitants eh. I think it's probably a good thing I can't read the rest of that one.
Just in case my brain doesn't dish any rewarding stuff out I think I'll go and reward myself. Coffee.

katherine. said...

the pleasure of coffee seems to be a reoccurring theme in your comment sections....