Friday! *happy sigh*

one of my little treats (or is it a vice? not sure) is a biscuit with my coffee. . . but no ordinary biscuit - an almond cantuccini (to be exact) (well, actually, to be exact usually about five or six of them) (ok, it's a vice) these are really crisp and crunchy, rather delicious, little Italian biscuits (designed for dipping in dessert wine, interestingly enough). . .
. . .dunking something into a hot drink is a bit of a strange habit, wouldn't you say (even tho, in the case of almond cantuccini and coffee, it's a near perfect match of flavour and - dare I say it - texture) (and not that I indulge everytime I have a cup of coffee) and that got me to thinking:
are you, dear reader,
a dipper, dunker or a purist cruncher?


Dave said...

I prefer my biscuits crunchy.

Christopher said...

Purest of the pure here. Dipping/dunking Cadbury's F & N is hardly a treat.

I do agree about the cantuccini, but it's one of those things that never seem quite the same outside their original surroundings. Like pastis or pirozhky (?sp).

Vicus Scurra said...

I don't like nuts in biscuits.
I am very sorry to be so blunt after you have gone to so much trouble.

mig said...

I've always been a cruncher but maybe I should consider dunking. It doesn't do to get stuck in a rut.

Spadoman said...

I love biscotti. I make them from time to time. We always had the anise flavor when I was growing up. I make almond. I use slivered almonds that I roast before I bake with them.
I love to dunk in hot coffee. Good strong coffee laden with cream. A quick dunk though, not a long total saturation. I don't want the biscotti to dissolve and break apart.
I used to dunk Oreo cookies in ice cold milk. My favorite dunk was graham crackers in milk.


Mel said...

My favorite dunk?

Over there ------->
Where I don't haffta witness the thingies that fall off sinking to the bottom of your cup/glass.


<-- does NOT dunk


I, Like The View said...

Mel dearheart, it's alright - that is the beauty of the cantuccini. . . it is to robust that it does not dissolve in your drink (and you get the crunch on the almonds!)

man Mini-Teen has recently discovered the delights of Oreos and cold milk! somehow I'm not surprised that you can bake a decent batch of biscotti!!

mig next time we meet up, I'll bring the biscuits then

(just have to watch out that the almonds don't get stuck in a loose filling tho)

(<--- speaking from experience)

Vicus you have revealed yourself to be the sheep in wolf's clothing that I always assumed you to be

and where you're concerned, nothing is too much trouble

Christopher do you mean piroshky?

for a moment I thought we had our wires crossed and you meant pierogi (which I wouldn't want to dunk in my coffee!!)

Dave you are as pure as the driven snow, aren't you? except when a naked woman has been rolling in it for your personal delight

Dave said...

We all know that you only did it so that I'd warm you up afterwards, don't we?

katherine. said...

yeah....somehow we're not too surprised Spadoman can bake biscotti.

and totally not surprised mel won't mix her foods together. laughing.

I am a quick dunk or not at all. I haven't had a good biscotti, or biscuit for that matter, in a long time. Might be a good weekend treat.

I DO NOT like mushy baked goods. I don't even want ice cream on my pie or cake...over in a separate bowl perhaps...but not touching.

Christopher said...

Yes, piroshky, Russian savoury or sweet 'pasties'. Never heard of the other! Tyrolean apfelstrüdl are the same - they just don't taste as good elsewhere, despite having exactly the same ingredients etc. It must be the Alpine air.


Happy Friday evening.

Rimshot said...

I don't dunk or dip, but not because of the biscuit/cookie but because I don't like little floaties in my beverage.

Mel said...

Ah HA! I suddenly don't feel so alone......LOL