it's official

the teens are revolting now, dear reader, bear with me. . . this may take a while. . . so, a little bit of background explanation

I cook, I bake, I sew and make - but there are certain things I will not stoop to; one includes home-made brownies; I've tried, I really have, but mine never come out like Delia's
do your home-made brownies look like this?

exactly (I rest my case)

but to prove my point
if you can make them from a packet that turns out brownies like this
. . .why not?
(I rest my case a second time)

I'll tell you why not because your children expect more from you, that's why; I won't bother you with all of their reasons, but apparently the over-riding one is "you're not that kind of mother"

ho hum

perhaps we ought to take a look at the women in question, see what I'm up against:
. . .Delia

. . .Betty

. . .I,LTV (obviously I's blonde tho).

ok, so Betty's ageing better than Delia and I - but that's about it, wouldn't you say? (I have no comment about either of their red cardigans - a decent cook should be wearing a pinny anyhow, don't you think); nevertheless, I told the children that if they didn't like the brownies I'd throw them away and never bake again and then I reassured myself with the following comforting words. . .



Z said...

I've made brownies from a packet - I think a little card container was provided that you baked them in - and they were fine. Yours are more authentic-looking than Delia's as they are squidgy in the middle, which they should be.

Nowadays, I make brownies according to the recipe which came with my microwave. Much quicker than the oven and just as good.

Dave said...

Throw them this way, won't you?

Christopher said...

I don't think I've ever eaten one (very sheltered existence here, not much to inflame sense of adventure) so if you're chucking them out I don't mind if you say to your kids Well, if you're not going to eat them I know a poor man in France who won't leave a single crumb.

(After Dave's had his whack, of course.)

Rimshot said...

I'm lost, are the cakey one's in the upper image the desired result? I'd much prefer the gooey, flatter one's in the lower picture.

And "throw them away and never bake again" seems a bit dramatic and defeatist.

Spadoman said...

Lucky to have someone around to do all the things you do AND bake. I think you're the cat's meow!
Now, bake me some brownies, okay?


PS You look quite sexy at the sink.

Mel said...



Lemme join in the chant:
Worry less.
Smile more.
Accept criticism.
Take responsibility.
Listen and love.
Don't hate.
Embrace change.

Lovely chant, btw--might haffta steal it.....just cuz.... I might make brownies from the box? LOLOL

((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))))

You're priceless, yaknow that?
You just are. :-)

Sorrow said...

I have never bought boxed brownie mix, what kind are we talking here? and is it available in the states?

KAZ said...

You set such high standards.
Do they expect you to own a football team as well?

Mel said...

Hold on a sec--

Does that make me 'that kind of mom'?.....

Oh. :-/

Mel said...

Worry less.
Smile more.
Accept criticism.
Take responsibility.
Listen and love.
Don't hate.
Embrace change.


I, Like The View said...

Mel I'm ohhhhmmmming this end!

Mel I dunno - think it's a child specific kinda thing


KAZ do you know, they are actually not into footie at all!!!

sorrow don't tell anyone (or my secret will be out) but I was referring to a Betty Crocker mix - so yes, I'd imagine so!

Mel I'm still chanting along. . .


(ps Ms Crocker does gluten free brownies, just so as you know)

man you and Dave and Christopher!

shot I was feeling dramatic and quite defeated actually, I thought the idea of them walking into the house after school to the smell of freshly baked brownies would bring a loving smile to their faces - but no, because it was a packet mix I was presented with derision!!!

the first image is from the UK's lovely Delia Smith (who I grew up watching bake) and the second from Betty Crocker (whose cookbook I always wanted to own)

I too prefer a goo-ier brownie

Christopher never eaten a brownie? I don't understand!

Dave I'd make you your own special batch. . .

Z I thought these were going to come with the little box. . . but no

I don't have a microwave, otherwise I'd ask for your recipe!

zIggI said...

I've never made a chocolate brownie in my life, or any other sort of brownie, can you have any other sort of brownie even? I digress, making brownies is not important, being appreciative of your mother's efforts is, you want I should come round a slap them?! :)

I, Like The View said...

you might be able to have a banana yellowy, I suppose

re the slapping, I'd love to see you try!!! (actually, I wouldn't - not until the quacks have sorted out your anaesthetic requirements anyhow)


Spadoman said...

I feel like chopped liver.

Mel said...

Oh yes--the gluten free brownie in a box.

Been there.
Tried that.
Tossed the whole works.
I have this thing for 'texture'.
....and foods not touching...
....hence the divided plate...
...and colours....
......and what goes together and CAN touch and what can not...

I'm not in the least bit a 'picky eater'. ROFLMAO!!!!!

(no slapping allowed--but can we at least watch the fur flying confrontation from the cheapseats? LOL)

I, Like The View said...

Mel no slapping here either. . . as for the "texture" thing, I can see that if one had texture issues one might not like brownies. . .

man erm. . ok!

mig said...

I've never made brownies but I used to make some stunning packet french bread in our bread machine. (They stopped selling it though. Typical).
*Slap* was what I thought too. Your kids should be so lucky! Mine never got anything like that, packet or otherwise. If I felt very generous, I'd buy some ready made. I think you look after your children much better than I looked after mine.

katherine. said...

This is days late...but still..

I make incredible mix. I take no credit. I use my GreatGramma's recipe. I follow it to the letter.

however...when I had mutinous teens (a time I miss very much) I would have done the following:

Have them each bake a batch of brownies

Hold a little bake off. Take them to the market. Let them buy ingredients or a box mix or whatever. Schedule them each time in the kitchen.

Then all sit around and taste.

this may not end the revolt...but you will win this skirmish