oh my *** I'm getting old!!!

I'm worrying about mushrooms


Dave said...

Why? Are they growing somewhere they shouldn't?

Dave said...

Oh, just noticed the picture of a mushroom on the post below. Guess I'd better go and read it. (I start at the top and work down when I read things.)

zIggI said...

someone has to worry about them!

Rimshot said...

How do you do that embedded link thingie again?


Mel said...


Better than fretting about being 'one of THOSE moms'!!

The girl informs me I'm very far from being 'one of THOSE moms' -- apparently she recalls the 'jock itch' conversation one Thanksgiving and that timing of that discussion apparently disqualifies me from EVER being 'one of THOSE moms'?

I think I'm 'okay' with that! :-)

I, Like The View said...

Mel did I ever tell you the story about the Mannequin Pis. . .

shot use pointy brackets instead of the one's I've used. . . and it goes like this:

{a href=your link}the words you'd linking to{/a}

ZiggZ but why me!

Dave traditional is one of your qualities, I've noticed that before

mig said...

Don't you have to put "s round your link too?
Oh the mushrooms - sorry, we ate them last night. I forgot to say.

Mel said...

Mannequin Pis

*searching memory banks*

Mind you, memory banks over here hold about 10mb information before they notice the chicken over there ------>

OH look! LOL

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things: