other musical experiences I've experienced

(it's not an all inclusive list) (there's a lot I haven't done and more that I can't remember) I've never been to a rave, for example

between the ages of 8 and 14 years I went to every "classical" concert performed at Croydon's Fairfield Halls (nothing much to brag about, our parents took my brothers and I because it was cheaper buying seats for five in the choir stalls than paying a babysitter for three-and-a-half hours, but that's quite a lot of classical music. . .)
at 15 a friend invited me to a "pop" concert (her grandfather was fire inspector at the venue): the band was The Clash (I'd never heard of them before and don't think I've listened since)
when I was 18 the boy-next-door took me backstage at The Phantom of the Opera, where he was working. . . I was lucky enough to listen to the whole thing from the wings
between the ages of 19 and 22 I went out with a classical violinist, who, (as I'm sure I've mentioned before), played with the London Symphony Orchestra and The Academy of St Martin-In-The -Fields. . . sometimes one of the BBC Orchestras; I went to all of his rehearsals and concerts and those of his friends and heroes. . . soloists (including his peer and nemesis, Nigel Kennedy) and string quartets and chamber groups and philharmonic orchestras. . . venues including St John's Smith Square, Wigmore Hall, The Festival Hall, The Barbican, The Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Opera House, The English National Opera; he was studying at The Julliard in Manhattan, so we also went to The Metropolitan Opera House and Carnegie Hall. . . . . .one summer he was conducting at a music festival in Skaneateles, Upstate New York. . . once the LSO performed all nine operas by someone I can't remember - but they were sung by Jessie Norman and she was incredible. . .
in my mid 20s I went out very briefly with a guy whose best friend worked at Wembley, so I saw Simply Red, Prince and some other bands I can't remember now. . .
in my early 40s I saw The Bootleg Beatles and Bjorn Again, Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, Van Morrison, to name a few. . .. . .went up to town a few times and watched Chicago and Mama Mia; used to infrequently frequent a basement jazz club and heard some fabulous musicians; used to go once a week to a strange venue in the crypt of a church and listen to new bands; was in a band and did a bit of performing myself; and and and

why, just the other day I stood next to Chrissie Hynde and watched The Pretenders' very talented guitarist perform in his own right

but last night's performance was more moving, magical, memorable and meaningful than any of the above

by a long way


Mel said...

Very blessed......

Boy oh boy...you've been blessed with some awesome opportunities!

mig said...

What fun to see/hear an opera from the wings. And what lovely things you've heard.

I once saw Nigel Kennedy play at one of the local village halls. It wasn't one of his most accessible performances - a Bartok sonata and some impenetrable jazz.
(He doesn't seem to be keeping his priceless violin very clean does he.)

Dave said...

Ah, but you've never heard me sing.

I, Like The View said...

that's because you've never sung to me Dave

I met him in a restaurant once mig. . . buns were hurled

Mel I am. . . I have