so, what's in a name?that's how I feel when people get mine wrong and this is how it makes me feel when someone can be bothered to get it right. . .
after all, what's a syllable or three between friends? ask these guys! (and if you can name them all without cheating, I'll be dishing out prizes)

Dave, this is one of the Ms Collins'. . .
(I wouldn't have thought of her if you hadn't mentioned her) . . .and this is a popular childhood game. . .


Dave said...

In that case I'll really make an effort to get your name right. I don't mind being called Davieee though.

mig said...

Aha! They all begin with J!
Do they? Do I get a prize?

Mel said...

Uh oh.... I'm in trouble cuz I don't have a clue who's who here.
I barely know I'm me most days--and today is not exception to that.


*spraying the clue-less corner(s) with germ killing Lysol*

Christopher said...

Well in a supreme effort of a much-needed economy (I could say the same of myself, of course) I call you 'I', but now I'm wondering if there's some further abbreviation you would prefer?

Dave said...

Oh, as you know I don't do Popular Culture. Is one of them Jackie Kennedy? And Jackie Chan? Oh, and Jackie Collins? Sir Jackie Stewart?

Or how about Jacqui Smith MP, or Jacqui Dankworth?

Am I warm?

Dave said...

Oh, I just spotted Jackie the Ripper too.

Dave said...

Isn't one of those women Jacqueline du Pre? The blokes are all Jack aren't they? Jack B... out of 24 (I didn't watch it) and Captain Jack Sparrow I recognised, as well as Jack Nicholson of course.

Christopher said...

Jackie the Ripper! What did she rip? Her bodice?

(Otherwise this shows an enviably amazing and uncharacteristically clerical grasp of pop. cult.)

Spadoman said...

There must be some subliminal message here, these people's names all start with Jac. Here in the states, there is a saying. Someone will say something, say, to prove a point, and the other would say, "It don't mean Jack."
Are you talking about your first name? Or your last? Or even a middle name or two? I even think I spelled it correctly last time I used the first name in an e-mail.
Oh well, it don't mean Jack.


PS They manke devices to cover those erect nipples you know, or did you show them to us old guys on purpose?

Dave said...

I was on the right track, wasn't I?

I, Like The View said...

man are you including Dave and Christopher in your catch all phrase "us old guys". . .



Christopher better a bodice than someone's heart, eh

sometimes I think Dave is more pop than he lets on

Davieeee (all the Daviees, in fact)

you are warm (and probably quite cuddly)(but we won't go into that here)

indeed one is Ms du Pre - I'll bet that Danny Barenboim never called her Jackie

and I would not refer to either Ms du Pre nor Ms Bouvier as representing "popular culture" - I'm surprised you do

I have put in an image of the Ms Collins to whom you refer (none of the ones previously included was her); and I chose not to include the racing driver, as I don't really do sport

your prize in in the post (an entertaining childhood game)

Christopher I is near enough J to be acceptable! (do people call you Chris or Chrissie?)

Mel hugs dearheart (I'm sneezing too, we can swap germs and compare symptoms)

mig they do! (but that's not quite the answer I was looking for. . . altho you're welcome to a prize if you'd like!!)

I, Like The View said...

Dave yes

you often seem to be


Dave said...


Christopher said...

Old guys? Who can tell? When you get to Dave's and Spadoman's age you measure these things in girth, not years. I, now am a trim 102.

zIggI said...

eeek was it me?! I tried to remember all the syllables honest I did :(

sorry sorry sorry

I, Like The View said...

ZiggZ darling!! no, it wasn't you (or any of yours!!!) it was the clerical one. . .

of which, we'll say no more

Christopher I have no idea of what you talk


Dave, sweetie I have no idea how to create a grinning emoticon, but if I could I'd be typing it now


Christopher said...

Oh dear. I should hate to get a reputation for being obscure. I only wanted to suggest that old guys of the type that Spadoman refers to, implying Dave and myself, measure their age by their girth. In this context my waist measures 102cm (c.34 inches) and beat that, earthlings.

Spadoman said...

Christopher... Size isn't everything you know. Anyway, mine is bigger than 102cm.

Word Ver: sneer
I swear, it's sneer!

Sorrow said...

Some one once called me Joy....
I have known 2 joys in my life, and they were both very unhappy negative people.
So how does one miss pronounce Jack?
or better yet, how does one not know jack?
Made myself laugh there...
I knew Chan,bissett,kennedy,ripper,
nicholson,sparrow, but not the rest.. and the one looks like a sutherland, Keiffer? maybe...???

dinahmow said...

Dear Jacqueline, if I've abbreviated you (since knowing I should not) I apologise.
Me? After nearly 65 years you'd think I'd have got over being erroneously referred to by the first syllable of my surname. But, no. I still get cranky.
I happily accept Di, Dinah and Diane.

And,isn't there a song called "Sinful Davey" about some northern (Scot? Geordie?)reprobate? Probably not the Norfolk Vicar.

Mel said...


I like Jacks. I suck at Jacks--but that's mostly cuz I toss 'em wrong and end up having to reach and miss.

Where'd I put the Jacks?!

((((((( ILTV )))))))))

I'm guilty, yaknow.
It's always been ILTV...I fail to put in the S cuz.

*hanging head*
I know. My bad.

mig said...

Ooh Jacks! I used to love jacks, but only if there was a smooth floor - carpet burn from too much scooping you know.

Good heavens what delicate little creatures you blokes are. 34"!!!

I, Like The View said...

they are a very swelte lot, eh mig. . .

jacks are good (jax is good, as is I, I, view, or View even, and I,LTV will always be good - with or without an S. . .)

you're not bad Mel, you're all good!

dinah I often abreviate. . . oops. . . it's Jacqui or Jackie that I object to - BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!! I won't mention it again


sorrow you got Jacqueline Bisset!!!

man and Christopher I'm glad we've cleared that up