so. . . this Friday we're doing it differently

we're breaking out the sunshine!
bringing out the sand and the shade. . . (because even tho we want the sun, some will still want the shade) (am I right, or am I right?)
we're unpacking the deckchairs. . .

we're filling up the paddling pool. . .

we're covering ourseminakedselves in lovely coconutty smelly stuff...

(Dave and Vicus can fight over the attentions of the promotional girls)

and we're all having a 99. . .
(all of us - got that!)
(it's compulsory)

(or I'll cry)

just for Dave (but I'm sure he'll share). . .a bucket and spade!
ooops, think he needs a different beach - here we go:

now - sand sculpting competition anyone?!


Dave said...

I don't think they look like my type.

The girls I mean.

I'll have the sunshine though. And the 99.

Not really a deckchair sort of bloke though. Can I have a spade, and buold a sandsculpture?

I, Like The View said...

loads of sunshine and a 99 coming your way. . . what are you going to sculpt for me then?

Mel said...


Yes please--all of the above....well, 'cept for the ladies. (they're obviously with thought to the fellas..yikes!)

And if Dave would be so kind, shovel and bucket would be GREAT!

*happy sigh* going to play with my beach-in-a-bowl......sand, shells, rocks and TOYS! :-)

Vicus Scurra said...

I didn't want to fight Dave, and now that he says he doesn't want the girls I suppose I am left with them. Well, thank you very much, I'm sure. More neurotic nymphos distracting me from my important duties.

Dave said...

I think I shall sculpt a mermaid. Could you just stretch out a little, I'm using you as my model.

I, Like The View said...

Dave as long as I can cover myself modestly with seaweed and shells, I'm all yours for the sculpting

Vicus I thought you were going to write that if Dave didn't want the girls, you didn't either

however, enjoy your distractions

Mel no problems with the mixing of wafer cone, ice cream and chocolate all in one serving! gosh. . . are you sure?

but, onto the important stuff - what are you going to make with that bucket and spade?!

Mel said...

*laughing* A mess, no doubt!

Hmmmm....thinkin' I'm gonna dig a trench to the ocean and fill up my own little pool. Which is why I need rocks! Whatcha do with all the rocks?!

And I was gonna make a wee little man outta rocks like the ones you show off every now and then.....

As for the treats--I was planning on being busy with my trench and pool.....but I'm sure Vicus would hold my 99 for me.

NOT!!!!!! LOL

Spadoman said...

Thanks for the sunshine, Sunshine!

And Peace to you and all you hold dear.

Rimshot said...

Hmmm, I must pass on the 99 as I don't 'do' ice cream. But thanks just the same! If I fall asleep soaking in the sun, please wake me in time to flip over b4 I burn.

mig said...

Shade for me please (as long as it's warm out there. An a 99 for old time's sake : )

I, Like The View said...

shade and a 99 coming up mig


shot I'll make sure that the girls rub the lotion in really carefully

man we actually had a little sunshine today! it was lovely

Mel just make sure he hands it back before it starts to melt - we don't want his hands getting sticky and we don't want you missing out on your icecream

good work Dave!

I, Like The View said...

Dave I'm shocked!!!

I, Like The View said...

I think this is my favourite of your efforts Dave - if only you'd worked as quickly as Mel. . . but better late than never, eh!