AND!!! did you know that

my newest favourite author(I'm now reading Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close) is married to one of my other favourite authorsand they both like Joseph Cornell. . .


ziGGi said...

I'm readind "Falling in Love - why we choose the lovers we choose" Ayala Malach Pines.

So far no surprises!

(I'll send it you when I've finished if you want?)

ziGGi said...

better still I'll deliver it!

Mel said...

Let her deliver!

You can have coffee on the rooftop! :-)

And I'm reading-- *sigh* Ahab's Wife still.

Yeah, yeah--actually it's a good read. I'm just lacking 'read time'.

Darn good thing I put that patio swing out!

I, Like The View said...

but ladies, there are no prospective suitors in my life for whom I might consider in that light. . .

. . .which is ok

for the moment