it's a long time since I wandered in a garden and picked a bunch of lily-of-the-valley - they were my favourite flower when I was a little girl. . .I used to decorate eggs at Easter and would have really enjoyed creating some metal leafed ones like these (which remind me of the endpapers of the Kathleen Raine books I bound all that time ago now). . .

if I had unlimited resources, I'd send you (yes, you!) a seasonal basket of good things. . .
if truth be told, I'm feeling slighty blue. . .

so I'll cheer myself up with something really simple - a brown paper package
(not wrapped up with string,
but full of glorious colour!)


Dave said...

Happy Easter to you too.

*Wanders out in the garden to check his lilly of the valley*

ziGGi said...

Happy Easter Jax!

Lilly of the valley eh? I used to have that growing in my past garden, don't think I have any here amongst the weeds. It used to come up of its own accord - can you plant it?

The daffs are out though and the blue bells just thinking about it (they're late aren't they?).


WV: resque !! u or me babe?

Mel said...

Lillie of the valley--my birth mother's favorite. I smell it at the mention. They haven't even peeked out here yet. But the daffodils are blooming and the bluebells have started in places.....

Happy Easter to you and yours.
I do hope the bunny brought you the bestest jellybeans! :-)

Spadoman said...

Happy Easter. (probably Monday now, or close to it, I can never keep track of the time difference, sorry)
One time I saw a woman wearing a low cut jumper and she had Lilly of the Valley flowers right there in the middle. (I was about 12, so don't think I liked it!) (But I'll never forget it and the connection to that particular flower)
Anyway, what I'm concerned about is that you mention the blues. Get out of that place quickly if you can. And if laughing at me helps, then so be it.

Peace to you.

PS I deleted the above comment because it had so many typing errors. It's the exact same comment you just read sans the PS.

dinahmow said...

No lily of the valley or daffs here, but some trees are putting out new leaves after the storm.

Dave said...

I hope you can have a bright bank holiday Monday.

Christopher said...

Lily of the valley comes later here, traditionally on May 1st, when it's no more than good manners to present a mini-bouquet to the lady or ladies of your choice to ensure their esteem and favours for the year ahead. I hope you will receive armfuls.

Mel said...

Nope. Checked the neighbor's to see if they were peeking through....not a darn one.

But I did see dandelions--and some violets! :-)

Ah yes.....AND I heard thunder for the first time in a very longggg time yesterday.
Happy Monday to you, ma'am.

I, Like The View said...

Mel I have dandelions in the front, I keep meaning to remove them. . . hmmmmmmm perhaps that's a little chore for today!

Happy Monday, I don't envy you the thunder

Christopher the first of May would be a very auspicious date for my good self to receive a bunch of flowers from a gentleman!

Dave it was bright, but now it's clouding over somewhat - perhaps the wind will blow them away the sun will come out again this afternoon

dinah and we have spring leaves appearing

man you made me smile


Mel the Easter bunny gave a FariTrade egg to The Teen (he thought it tasted very good), a Stig egg for Teen Too (with some small chocolate cars thrown in for good measure) and Mini-Teen chose style over chocolate and received a new bag. . .

. . .that little bunny was so busy he forgot about me!! but I'm enjoying the virtual jelly beans

ZiggZ if we lived closer i definitely would

Dave photos? please!!