household mysteries

and other suburban concerns
how does the laundry pile breed when everyone is still in their pajamamamamas?
(one basket would be such a good thing)

why does the washing-up duplicate, triplicate, exponentially multiply itself during the course of a day?
*I,LTV dreams of an empty sink*
where do teens get their appetites from when all they've done is spend hours in front of the tellybox catching up with the viewing they missed during their termtime evenings spent homeworking. . . . . .and when are they going to finish their holiday homeworks if they're now glued to the tellybox?

why is that I spend half-an-hour tidying-up
only to turn my back for a moment and find the place in a mess again within seconds?
why can't a teen use the same glass or cup
more than once over the course of a couple of hours?
why is it that when I've run out of milk
and ask if someone will pop out and get some, noone wants to leave the house as there's nothing anyone needs. . . but as soon as I say I'm popping out to get some milk, everyone needs something crucial for their survival and wants me to bring it back for them?
where is Dobby The House Elf when you need him?

(a quick aside, while we're on the subject: how on earth does Jamie from Mythbusters. . .
eat his dinner without swallowing the walrus-like bristles from his moustache?)(at least my children are watching something vaguely educational)


on the other other other other hand. . . isn't it amazing that one (me) can love others (the teens) (not the Mythbusters - but I bet they'd be fun to toast marshmallows with over a campfire) so totally unconditionally - how long does this stage last?


Dave said...

I'd like to be a Mythbuster. I keep my 'tache clipped tight, so that the clotted cream on my scones doesn't get stuck there.

Linda said...

for ever!

dinahmow said...

I'm told that it's a genetic thing...apparently, there is a mommy gene that programmes some people thus.And once wired for this response, you stay that way.
I hope this helps?

Spadoman said...

I think I might have mentioned before that it will end when the formative years are over, you know, age birth to 37.
No 'stache, no beard, no food worries.
Thinking of a campfire here, probably this weekend. Marshmallows will be on hand, long wittled sticks too.


Dave said...

Where were you yesterday? Good morning.

Mel said...

....cuz they CAN.

I never liked that answer either.
Just sayin'......


*sigh* The gift that keeps on giving....*sigh*

Mel said...

Hold on!
There's a house elf and no one TOLD ME?!

I feel ripped off......

I, Like The View said...

Mel the house elf's never visited me. . . but I understand there are such creatures hidden in the backs of uncleared out closets. . . for those of us lucky enough to have closets stuffed full of interesting things we'd forgotten about

I know parents whose teens have stretched them beyond belief and the unconditional thing has snapped. . .

. . .and I know children for whom it's snapped too

so I'm making the most of the stretch while I can

Dave good afternoon - I think I was lost in a pile of kitchen debris

man I'm whittling my stick!

dinah no daddy gene? that explains a lot!!


Dave ah, but who would you Mythbuster stooge be. . . (they come in pairs, don't they!)

Dave said...

I'd probably need someone with a scientific bent. So that's you or Vicus, I guess.

I, Like The View said...

erm - excuse me? if it's a stooge you're after (the Jamie to your Adam) you could have Vicus, I suppose. . .

. . .but if you want to be the Jamie to my Adam - well, then I'll be your Adam!!


mig said...

My life has been totally devoid of house elfs and I can't answer any of those questions.
But as to the length of the love stage - Linda said it.
However, when they leave home, sometimes I go, oh at least a day without thinking of one or other of them.
Well maybe half a day.