language constantly evolves

so, you'll recall that The Teen dubbed me a leet?
well, it turns out that I spelt (spelled?) it incorrectly "leet" is actually spelled (spelt?) 1337; other words that the various teens use betwixt and between each other sound like "owned", "noob" and "poned" and this wonderful article explains the lot

(not that I expect you to read it, after all what interest do people of our age *coughs and splutters* have in the various vagaries of teh net. . .)


Dave said...

Doesn't it take longer to get a number by text than a letter? Still, what would I know?

I, Like The View said...


Dave said...

txt spk is supposed to be quicker to type. Every mobile I've had it would be quicker to type leet than 1337.

mig said...


I seem to recall a recent discussion (here?) about what the major international language would be, eventually.
perhaps it's already arrived? Er, ^rr1v0rz'd?
I see wikipedia politely translates OMFG as OMG.
Anyway, it's now clear that the Teen was indeed complimenting you.

uber swootici wv there.

dinahmow said...

I am migzd.(migzord?)
Is there a de-leet button, pls?

ziGGi said...

I've a teen but that seems to have passed her by, either that or she doesn't bother me with it knowing I wouldn't understand!

Christopher said...

I remember a certain similarly misplaced fascination with calculators e.g. by entering 71077345 and turning it upside down. But what would I know? I can't even recognise Gertrude Jekyll.

Mel said...


Ever find yourself writing a letter/typing a document and thinking in terms of how you'd write/type online?

I do.
Seems strange to pen LOL-- Probably oughta, huh?

Spadoman said...

Is that like H E double hockey sticks?