literally figurative

I've been feeling a little down of late
but I've had a decent share of highs in my life, so I figure it all balances out in the end
on one hand I can accept where I am in my life, on the other hand I still have hopes of other kinds of contentment and - perhaps - happinesses

(what if we had more than one hand, I've often thought. . . we'd say "on the other other hand this, and on the other other other hand that")

I'm getting very behind in all sorts of chores and task, but I have something to look forward to - I've booked my holiday this summer

we use so much of the concrete to describe the abstract, don't we? it's not surprising really, is it - we're physical beings and live (mainly) in a physical world; I was reading, in my favourite weekly read, New Scientist, a while ago, about how if scientists are to successfully develop artificial intelligence in a computer based thingy they will have to put the AI thingy into some form of humanoid. . .and it does make one wonder about the Babel Fish I mean if aliens are life forms based on anything other than something that developed from a star fish, how would we understand them and their concepts even if we could translate what they were saying to us? I know how cross it makes me - perhaps that's a little strong, but I do get a tad irritated - if I watch a French film with subtitles and the translations aren't what the French part of my brain understands the words/meanings to be. . .

anyhow, so in this article some researcher had tracked the eye movement patterns of left- and right-handed Western (as opposed to Eastern) people's eyes, when looking at how we visualise quantities

so, in a random and totally unscientific way, I wonder if you can tell me where your eyes/hand movements go if you visualise these phrases "a few", "one or two", "lots", "none", "loads", "several" - not now, because you'll be thinking about it - but during the next few days, if you are in coversation with someone, say. . . and if you're the kind of person who gesticulates as they talk and your hands are free at the time, and if you realise you're doing it - just think of a simple grid of two-by-two, with just four squares (so work out if your eyes/hands are going "top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left") (or even, just from left to right or up/down. . . if that makes it simpler)
can you try it for me
and report back?


Dave said...

Disappointed you didn't illustrate the phrase 'I'm very behind'.

I do use my hands a lot when I'm talking. Will try to remember to cheack these words.

Vicus Scurra said...

I am not a demonstrative person, but I do use my hands a lot when I'm typing.
Sorry to hear that you have been feeling down. I am sure that I am not alone in looking forward to your feeling up.

I, Like The View said...

Vicus (-;

Dave and dog (-:

Spadoman said...

So, how much are you paying for this research project? Being Ital;ian, I do use my hands to talk. I'm right handed, but if I have an itch somewhere on my body that I can't reach with my dominate hand, I use the left.
What were those words again?
Now, about you feeling down, that bothers me. That's not good. Do you snap out of it on your own? Is there anything I can do to help? I will send positive energy your way. Please send some back once in a while as I get those down feelings too.


Mel said...

Wow--you think I'll remember to pay attention? I can hope. And I'll give it a try...but I know me. I get passionate about whatever's in front of me and the rest--falls out of the brain. (left to right, top to bottom...LOL..and very quickly too, I might add)

It's spring. It's been a long winter. Hopefully the change and the ability to get out and about will help with some of that 'down' stuff. In the meantime--sending some of that positive energy cuz I can.

Ohhhhhhh......where'd ya decide on for the holiday?!

Dave said...

Oooh yes, holiday. Going somewhere warm I hope?

Mel said...



And I'll have you know I tried to pay attention--but the lake happened and I was sitting on my hands to keep 'em warm.

Maybe if ya sent me warmer weather....

mig said...

Perhaps yesterday's sushine helped with the down-ness - I hope so.
I believe I do wave my hands about a bit when I'm talking but I laso forget what I'm talking about while I'm still doing it so I may have trouble with tracking eye movements. I'll try though : )