I've often wondered

why people choose to enter the profession of

I mean, why oh why would one want to become a dentist? when I was at university, I had to attend various lectures with medical and dental students - they are a very strange bunch; I think I've told you how during head, neck and chest dissection the med students used to throw body organs at each other as if they were rugby balls (are you thinking of donating your body to medical research?). . . I can't possibly tell you what the dental students got up to

anyhoo, over the past five years two of my dentists have left the practice I attend (nothing to do with looking in my mouth, I can assure you) and today I met the new guy; I had been putting the visit off since before xmas, but in a sudden bout of enthusiasm for ticking off things on my todo list - and further procrastination of rather too many more other items, yesterday I phoned to make an appointment

not only was there one available firstish thing this morning, but the visit turned out to be a bit of a result

he poked about in my mouth with a thin metal spikey thing, told me to move my tongue up, down, left and right a bit: declared my mouth to be in perfect health; then scratched around in the hole which was the reason for my attending in the first place, informed me that no drilling or anaesthetic was required, advised me which filling material he'd use if it were his tooth and hey presto the whole visit was over in under a quarter of an hour

I can't imagine why I put it off for so long

box ticked!

mind you, I still feel in the need for a little pick-me-up. . .

. . .but that's easily done
(any excuse will do)


Dave said...

Mine was a little more painful than that.

I, Like The View said...

hope you're feeling ok tho now, or at least that you will when the anaesthetic's worn off

mine turned out to be a lost filling from a crown on a root canal. . . so no pain, cos no decay, therefore no drilling (mind you, I remember the agony when I had it done in the first place, so perhaps I deserved a "freebie" this time)

Spadoman said...

Nice post, until you added that guy's picture again. You dating him or something? He should shave. Either grow a beard or shave it. What's with this scraggly three day growth thing anyway? (does this comment make me sound jealous?)


Glad the tooth thing went well.

I, Like The View said...

ha ha ha!!!! if only


I've given up dating

(I've never understood stubble - now the razor companies even sell stubble razors. . . what's that all about?!?!?!?)

I just wish I'd gotten my act together sooner, but there you go eh

Spadoman said...

My Grand children call the stubble "Pokies", because when they kiss me, the hairy spikes poke their little cheeks. They make me shave my pokies all off before they'll kiss me.

Vicus Scurra said...

Is box ticking available on the NHS? I am so proud.

I, Like The View said...

erm, not in my case Vicus (which is possibly why I could get an appointment)

Mini-Teen is due to have her orthodontics courtesy of the NHS, so crooked are her teeth, for which she requires to have four removed - but they won't do that on the NHS


man I'm not in favour of stubble. . . wish I'd been able to be as persuasuve as your grandkids are when there used to be unshaven men in my life

of course, now there are no men in my life it's not a problem whether they do or don't shave

dinahmow said...

I sometimes wonder why I was a dental nurse...

Stubble razors? Huh?

Mel said...

Stubble razors.....good grief...

If stubble is sexy, don't tell himself!
I point him in the right direction when he 'forgets'.
Nope--I'm not a stubble person.
But then again.....*laughing* neither is himself! ;-)

I'm glad it was a 'no painer' with the dentist. SERIOUSLY glad!

Rimshot said...

who's the pixie-haired stunner smoking a cigarette in your sidebar?

mig said...

Oh well done! And rewarded too : )
I wanted to comment on all the eye candy individually (mmm, nice - I like him better with is own eyes) and also everything else but I got caught up with the sound thing and now my feet have gone to sleep from the cold.
But I want one of those eggs!
Oh and the apple!!!! Thank you :) I thought it was obvious that apples have to be peeled so you can make that apple peel shape!

I, Like The View said...

mig glad you liked the apple

I hate it when my feet/legs go to sleep, cos I always then gets pins and needles. . . and then I think of NOBGM and her phantom pain and stop myself from moaning too much

which egg! the one the cat brought in, or the Ostrich Egg? (Waitrose, if you can believe it!)(but really - £18.99. . . don't they breed ostriches near you?! bet you could smchooze the farmers into selling you one at a better price)

shot why, sweetie, tis my good self in a previous life (NOT!!)(altho I did have the haircut in the late 80s)(altho I didn't smoke then)

it's the American actress, Jean Seberg, in Jean-Luc Godard's À Bout de Souffle

Mel the dental pain struck today, when the man wrote to me telling me he'd now examined the x-rays that the previous guy took. . .

<---- not happy

glad you have The Brit under control and that he shaves when you tell him too

dinah you were?!?!? really!?!?!? crikey

very brave!

it seems that razors and men's skin care is a never ending source of revenue for advertisers and their clients, we're constantly bombarded with hints and tips for how the modern man should look

it's all a load of nonsense, of course