it's that plinth again
Nelson's Ship in a Bottle
Yinka Shonibares
"the first commission on the Fourth Plinth which reflects the historical symbolism of Trafalgar Square and links directly with Nelson's column; it's also the first commission by a black British artist

"the ship's 37 large sails are made of richly patterned textiles, usually seen on African dress and are symbolic of African identity and independence; the fabrics were inspired by Indonesian batik design, mass produced by the Dutch and sold to the colonies in West Africa"


zIgGi said...

neat eh?

There's clouds in them there skies - you can tell it's not Wiltshire just by that!

Dave said...


Mel said...


All sorts of cool things to look at! <-- now going to look more!

mig said...

That's fascinating.
He's not awfully keen on heads is he.
I do like the photo with the pigeons and the Eye peeping over the buildings in the distance. Very cultural.