not a full house

they are all gone
not even just a few blocks away - but to the Emerald Isle

compared to this time last week, the house is very very quiet; I took the opportunity to sleep in, altho while that happened I had a very strange dream about a girl I was once at school with, a teacher, a rather bizarre forest, tree cutting equipment and a ship with an enormous sail

I need a cup of extremely decent coffee, so I must leave the house; I won't be gone a long time, altho I'm not sure if I'll be straight back (errands to run, you know how it is)
I don't think that I knew (or if I did, I certainly didn't understand) that there would times like this, way back whenever it was that my life took its current path - but the person I am now knows (and understands) that I just have to get on with this life and make the best of it, the very best of it
I hope that you are able to enjoy
what your life offers you today



Mel said...

Oh yes--definitely requiring a cup of 'extremely good coffee'.

Which means I'll steal himself's pressed coffee whilest he does breakfast!

'Cuse me while I do that...LOL

Dave said...

I think we all know what dream about trees, and large sails mean, don't we children?

I, Like The View said...

Dave the children are not here, so you'll have to explain it to me


Mel I treated myself to two! hope yours was as enjoyable


Dave said...

I'll tell you one day.

mig said...

Oh I'm glad you had coffee.
Good luck with enjoying tomorrow's bit of your life. And indeed the next day and the ones after that.

Vicus Scurra said...

Thank you for your concern. I do my very best to enjoy what life offers every day. On balance it seems to offer far more than I can ever express gratitude for.
I doubt whether dreams have meanings. The rest of life doesn't. Ask King Janaka.

Dave said...

Another morning. Good.

Christopher said...

Isn't there a certain refocussing, rearrangement of horizons and intensity of vision when you're all on your own temporarily? I'm having a lovely time today all on my own, mostly spent so far writing inane comments - except this one, of course, because you often manage to stir up the philosophical depths in me, not that you need a very long spoon. Now it's coffee and F & N time. Happy Sunday.

Mel said...

F & N time--certainly he's not referring to Dave and Vicus. ;-)

Happy Sunday!
Sometimes 'alone time' is a good thing for me......sometimes notsomuch.....

Oh, but I'm never alone on the patio! (which is where I'm headed for a morning cuppa java)

Zig said...

Thanxxxx ;-D

Dave said...

I am gone now. Byeeeeee

Spadoman said...

Sorry I'm late, been away. Hope all is good with you. We'll have to talk about this coffee situation someday. (I know where to get some)


I, Like The View said...

man the coffee situation relfects my sheer inability to arrange for my expresso machine to be mended - my fault entirely!

(I have one of the Italian stovetop jobs, it's just not the same!)

Dave so long!



Mel Happy Monday!! I think fruit 'n' nut sums up Vicus and Dave perfectly, but don't tell them

Christopher I'm on day three now. . . I might need them to come home soon!!

Dave it's afternoon now

Vicus "the great King Janaka had many important concerns before him day and night, but it was a part of his wisdom to open his court from time to time so that petitioners from among the people might be heard and receive both understanding and justice"

that's your blog!! that's your blog!!

mig thank you! it was such good coffee, I might have to go and have another one. . .


Dave I look forward to that